Residual income we always could use some!

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Residual Income versus depending solely on your nine to five! Way to fight back the bills and still have money coming in to save at the end of the month.


Every morning millions of people get out of bed to prepare for work to go labor for a check at the end of the week bi- weekly or monthly. If we aren't making a lot of money then were all in the same boat of struggling every month to pay the bills, we get it done sometimes and,... Sometimes we tend to fall behind. Why try to work with what we have because we fell like we don't have any choice . We here and read about money management for peole that can cut corners here and there with the bills! But what
do you do when you can cut anymore corners and still struggling with bills what can you do!

Make more money YAYEEEE!!!!! Money doesn't grow on trees oranges do!!!

MAKE MORE MONEY- Every one would like to make more money, lets face everyone likes money, and love spending money, (expecially women!!! But don't tell my girl freind I said that, she'll kill me.)
But sometimes we do go get a second, job and work it, and work until we get tired of working 2 jobs. Which puts us back to one job wilth the same problems occurring again with the bill struggle just months later!
I think Ill call the mint and get them to print up me some more money any body up for a few million!LOL REALLY wishing I could though!

*BUT Money doesn't grows on trees! OH YEAH ITS TRUE you hear it all the time and therefore, have seen this proven so now, We know that its a fact, Because money doesn't grow on trees!

We want residuals yes we want them to come pouring like a rain shower!

We want to see check ins the mail extra numbers in our bank accounts and more sales notices in or email Right!
We that question was for those who have tried to get income online to create that residual effect.
Thats a great way to be and it takes time to build that reesidual income!
What is resuidual income some may ask?
We'll residual income is that income that once it starts coming in it keeps coming in in varied incruments. Its the getting to the extra I was speaking upon earlier.

Making Money!

Working that 9 to 5 is gruesome you need to make more money!
Thats what I have decided, I have really been buckling down when ever I Can get the time. Finding ways to get more articles written and getting more promoting done.
I am going to go back into affiliate marketing once my writing gets a little better to generate some risudal income.
This type of income often always starts out in in small sues but the more you put into it in the more more your residuals will increase.I have no proof of this but the way money is constently being added to my earning pages. If the same method applies then it should be no problem to general some residual income in due time! monet that could be added to a 401k Iras and things of that nature to increase inin income wether it be short term or long term! I investing the money you earn residually is a great way to get even more residual income in the long run Im working on it Wish me luck!!!!!!


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I am an entrepreneur looking for ways to create residual in come online from writing articles and doing some affiliate marketing

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author avatar vpaulose
22nd Nov 2012 (#)

Thank you for your nice post

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author avatar Legend
23rd Nov 2012 (#)

I certainly wish you luck too, although it might be more reasonable to simply save some of your monthly income and invest that, thus generating residual income. Writing is certainly fun though...

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