Researchers Claim Video Games Can Have Positive Effects on Kids

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The results from the study are indicating that kids who play video games are able to establish better relationships with their peers and find their place into the school community.


For quite some time video games have had a bad reputation where parents believed that they had negative effects on their kids. But, there is one new study that opposes these opinions and reveals that kids who play video games can experience several health benefits.

Researches of Paris Decartes University and Columbia University found a link between mental health and the time devoted to playing video games together with social and cognitive skills in younger children. When they took in the factors like age, gender and the number of kids that participated in the study, the researchers have discovered that kids who frequently play video games increase their chances of optimum intellectual capacity by 1.75 times and the odds of high general competence in school by 1.88 times.

They have also found that the kids who play video games have less relationship issues with other children. This study did not find any link with mental health issues as many parents and teachers and even the kids themselves reported. The results from the study are indicating that kids who play video games are able to establish better relationships with their peers and find their place into the school community.

The Study and Its Results

Dr. Katherine M. Keyes, epidemiology professor and one of the researchers in this study, states that in order to not to over-interpret the results of this study, parents need to limit the screen time and video games usage to ensure the academic success of their children. We believe that you can agree with us when we say that this is where we can see the evolution of gaming in the modern society, because, let’s face it; video games are now a part of every childhood.

It is no longer considered that kids who play video games are brainy, techy and isolated, because now we are seeing that kids who play video games are very social, function well in school and there is no association with any mental health issues. Children, who are not engaging with their peers about video games and other activities that children today enjoy in, are more at risk for developing problems.

Dr. Katherine M. Keyes says that there has never been enough scientific evidence among studies that children who play video games experience any issues. Researchers struggled to find a connection between violent behavior and violent video games. But, since parents have fears of video gaming being isolating or affecting academic success in their children; because of this fear, the researchers have done this study in the first place.

Concerns and Fears

If you, as a parent, are worried for your kid’s mental health, you no longer have to be, but be aware that this does not mean that you should let your kids play video games for unlimited time. This is because at one point video games can indeed become harmful. It is also important to know what video games your children are playing, because video games like Grand Theft Auto can have different effects on a child, rather than online chess.

So, there are a couple of things you can do, first you can pick out the games your kids will play, for instance, an educational one or a simulator game of their favorite toys like toy gun weapon simulators, or a talking pet app. Another thing you as a parent need to do is to limit their game time, for instance like Dr. Katherine M. Keyes, who allows her son 20 minutes of screen time every day. The study has shown that video gaming, if done in moderation, can have positive effects on kids and now parents have to do their part in making this happen.


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