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Focusing on Christ in sharing the gospel, remembering our role in the advancement of the gopel

The Seed...The Gopel

I want to talk about "seed". Yes, the seed that will soon transform into a tree. And the tree will soon produce fruits, good fruits.
That seed is the gospel. "For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth...” (Romans 1:16). As clear as it gets, we should understand what he gospel is all about. Understand and let that understanding grow. I should emphasize that it should grow, or most people thought that gospel is a one-time query that should be answered with a simple "yes" and viola! You are saved. It's definitely not like that. The seed should grow, or to put it the other way, a seed grows into a tree and produces fruits of different quantity is a tree indeed.
Now, what really is the gospel? What is the seed? First, I should clarify one thing – that one can preach the gospel rather short, while one can preach it undeniably long. Let’s just say that the manner on how you present the gospel to different kinds of people is the reason. Just like how intellectually Jesus presented the good news to Nicodemus, and how comforting Jesus shared the good news to the Samaritan woman, and also how, with almost no talking, Jesus saved the man who was crucified along Him. Now, don’t be confused your task. As Christians, our task is to share the gospel, whether you deliver it eloquently, shyly, or intellectually, the Holy Spirit will always be in charged with the regeneration of a person. It’s not us who converts people. We just can’t. It’s the Holy Spirit who has the power of regenerating people.
But we should not get it wrong. We should still put lot of effort in sharing the gospel. We are tasked to talk to different kinds of people, different religious backgrounds, so there must be a certain level of wisdom we should acquire and which, I believe, God would graciously provide. Be emotional if needed, be authoritative if needed, be intellectual if needed, be tactful if needed, but don’t ever change God’s Word for whatever reason or purpose. So don’t give false assurance to people, remember that your job is not to give assurance to people, it’s the Holy Spirit’s.
Now, how should I present the gospel to you, my dear readers? This is what I’m talking about. I don’t know you. I can’t even see you, but still, I should efficiently present the gospel. For every good speaker should know his audience. Not that I’m saying I’m a good speaker though.
I guess I’ll settle with the summed up presentation of the gospel but still focusing on it’s very foundation – JESUS. Whether Nicodemus, the disciples, Samaritan woman, the good news always revolves in Jesus. Understanding his earthly ministry is the basis of the gospel. Saving the lost through His death on the cross and He is the King of the kingdom of God and we are the obedient followers. Understanding His person is the credibility of the gospel. Jesus, being 100% God and 100% man, is the only qualified being to save us from the grips of sin. Believe those facts, and live according to those facts. For the glory of God is ultimately revealed through Jesus’ death on the cross.
To end it, I want you to review the gospel, to remember our role in the advancement of the gospel.



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17th Oct 2015 (#)

very inspiring

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