Remembering Good Old Days

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Life is a puzzle which we have to solve as there will be too many unanswered questions along the path and we all will be struggling to get answers to those. There will be ups and down's, success and failures as we walk along the path of life. But life is also beautiful and all those tougher times will pass away if we keep ourselves positive and the past moments or lost moments are always worth remembering a sit has great value for all of us living in this beautiful world

Good Old Days

When you sit with your friends, try asking them about their old days and they will be happy sharing it a sit is obvious that they are missing those golden days of their life. The fact is that we all enjoy remembering our past days more than our present days. It is not that we are not enjoying the present days, but old days are always worth remembering. We always feel that our past days were golden days of our life. There are many things which might have happened in our good old days like some of the memorable things happened in college days which are really difficult to forget.When we sit with our close friends, the pleasure we get ins haring these wonderful moments are priceless. I met one classmate yesterday and spent around 4 hours together talking about our college days when we used to be very notorious and how things have changed now as we both have become more serious in life today. The tensions of present life will be eased a lot when we meet somebody close to share olden day memories we have in us. This sharing of past days is not only between you and me but it is almost common with everybody living in this world today. But most of them do find it difficult to take out time for these activities as most of them keep themselves very busy in their own work that they forget to take out time for their own good. One should balance between work and relaxation which will keep them in good spirit throughout their life. Olden days are always beautiful and hard to forget as the days once passed will never come back again in life and the memories will always be memories for ever for each and everyone living in this beautiful world

Stressful Present Days

Population has increased very much today and life has become very hectic and also mechanic today. People are complaining about the tensions and living cost more than anything today. We do see many of us working very hard to bare with the high living standards today. Though nothing is easy now, life goes on and no one seems to have enough time like old days. The pollution level in past days were very very low compared to today which is showing dangerous pollution levels in almost everything we come across in life. The fierce competition in every field again is giving sleepless nights to many people around the world. Leading life now is not at all easy today. So, people find it very relaxing to share their good old days than go on with the daily work of today which is very stressful. People who have lived long back-say 100 years are really lucky as they have enjoyed life wit minimum stress. Though entertainment was also less at that time, people would be better off with more happiness with good health and less entertainment than more entertainment, bad health and stressful life of today. The life now is so mechanical that people seems to be focused on only one thing of making money and nothing else. So, to achieve this sole goal, almost everybody living in this world seems to be working day and night forgetting every other important things in life which is really bad living

Way to Happiness

The only way to live today is to have balance between work and relaxation. One can achieve almost anything in life, provided they are fully into it. If they believe in themselves, they can do anything for sure. Work is important and also money, but these things should not effect your more important health as health is very important in life and should always be given top priority. Once you lose your health and even if you have enough money, it may not help you much in regaining much of your health. Work smarter so that you can make good money in spending average hours of working as this will provide you the cushion to get engaged in other activities which will relax you a lot and keep you in good spirit to undertake anything in life. Give importance to even the small things of life which will give you happiness and never neglect your happiness at the cost of work. Spend quality time with your closed ones sharing all those wonderful things you enjoy in life. Enjoy yourselves even in the stressful days of life and this will help you to overcome the troubles much more easier in life. There will be many complicated things in life which will come often and it will be eased out only when you take it positively. When you enjoy each and everything in life, all the tough things will be pretty easy to handle. The secret of successful life is to be happy in every mode of your life
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