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In this world exists many religions like Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and many more…… Different people believe in different religions. We have seen many past religious riots where people fight in the name of religion. They even force others to change their religion. My heart cries, I am scared.

Why was religion created?

Religious leaders wanted the people to be better humans and cared for humanity. So in order to make others better they gathered their ideas on life and compiled their principles on humanity. They created a name, we today know it as Christianity, Hinduism, Islam and many more…… This name was given so that people do not forget those principles of life. People become better as days pass and they rest in peace. They become ‘ HUMANS ’.

Problem in today’s world

People are ruthless, brainless and senseless when it comes to religion. They fight for that thing which tells them never to fight. They are blind enough to not see that they disrespect their religion in order to prove that they respect their religion the most (even more than themselves). Religion wants to make them angels but nowadays they are becoming devils in the name of religion.In a song named ‘MAZAB’ from an Indian band highway61, they sing to god ‘ajib si darar hai dilo mai ….butt gaya hai mazabo ke bich mai tera yeh jahan …… kyo mazabo ke bichme tu kho gaya…..’ which means oh god strange partions are there within our hearts and your world is divided in the name of religion. Oh god why are you lost in between the religions? God where are you? This song makes us think what we are doing is wrong.

Why I wrote this article?

Why I wrote this article? :
I once thought that if any riots due to religion happens near me, I will stay in my house to be safe and will wait till the riots get over. Yup I know I am a coward. But then I read a statement from Edmund Burke : “ The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good man to do nothing “. So seeing many evils getting created everyday in the name of religion, I thought to write this article. My aim in this article is to remind people why religion was created for. Religion is created for better humanity and developing personnel skills, character and thinking which leads oneself into a better human.

My view and suggestions

1) NEVER fight in name of religion.
2) NEVER force other to change their religion.
3) Treat and Talk to people of every religion in a same way as you talk to people of your religion.
4) Even within a religion follow only the principles you feel are right. No need to blindly and forcefully follow everything.
5) Remember that you follow religion to make yourself better in the world and not your religion.

Me and religion

I do write the name of my religion I am born into for paper work formality. But in reality, I listen to all the principles from all the religions and have made my own set of principles so that i become a better human.
People often call me mad and stupid not to follow my religion with heart and to the fullest. They often scare me that god will punish me for not listening to him. But I think if god exists he will surely see that how good I am as a person, how human I am and how much good, helpful and loving I am to the people rather than just sit and pray to him to forgive me for my sins which many people do. He will surely tell me that I am better than those who follow the religion but do fight in the name of religion and do have bad and negative thoughts in their mind.
I believe in one good energy which makes me better (so called as god but of no religion and no name) rather than going into deep in different religions.
I would suggest never to discuss our religion in public and just live life to the fullest with our own sets of limit and boundries made by us due to our sets of principles.

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