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This is about relationship, building relationship.


What is the meaning of relationship for you? Do really care in every relation you have for everyone? How about for your family and love one? Is it really matters? Is it okay to be friends with someone who had bad influence?
Relationship has a very important role in our daily living. The meaning of relationship is depends upon the people you are having with it. Having a strong relationship with your family, friends and love one are one of the best things you can have. You can live with no depression because you are worrying about your enemy or something like that. Relationship starts with your own self, being the real you help a lot to build good relationship with others. Choose better to whom you want to build with a good friendship because this will affect your whole life. Sharing your time with your family will build a good relationship with them, this will help you and your family to be more closer. Choosing friends is good but you must think it well because something might affect your image and life forever. Who your friends are reflects your image and the way people see you. People can judge you base on people who you spend with. They say having friends with bad influence are the worst thing you can have, this is just an opinion of others. It's better to be good to them, having conversation and be friendly but not in way that you let them influence you, i can say it depends on you if you let it. People can build relationship from one other in different ways and in different purpose. Sometimes relationship can put problems with you; it's up to you on how you build it. Relationship can mean different things to different people. This is, friends, dating, work marriage and family. In our daily living we meet different kinds of people and build relationship with them whether good or bad. Good relationship is very essentials because it plays a very important role in our life. There is always a great benefits and advantages having a relationship. For example relationship with your family contribute a great and very important on your heart health and minds health, no problems and no depression can be build. You can tell anything to those who are willing to listen to you because you have good relationship with them, you can share problems and happiness to them. You are not alone if you have it.
There are some ways to improve relationship. Spend more time in real world than the virtual. Have a life balance in your life. Be the real you and let people know you better than what they think. Care for your relationship. Be aware in everything. Having this is a way of happy living. Everyone can do this.

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