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Too many people who marry, marriage is not that source of blessing and happiness which God has intended for it to be like. Its purpose and possibilities are never realized.

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Hundreds of thousands of people are constantly entering in marriage only to be misfortunate and pitiable because they do not understand the nature and intent of their own gifts or the purpose of God in ordaining the institution. Whatever information they may have ever obtained is secured by blind blunderings, and at the most ruinous cost. Even where no permanent physical consequences are entailed, mental and moral effects, which are even more ruinous in their results, remain to spoil the blessings of the later years. If they had been intelligent, they might have possessed from the very first onset the benefits and blessings which ignorance has placed and kept beyond their reach. Distressing as such results are, yet are still more grievous because of the consequences which must be suffered by their families, and which are handed down to innocent children who are to reap the results of parental ignorance of long years after the parents themselves may have passed away.
If the young husband desires in his marriage, the joys and blessings with which God has crowned the relationship, he need not seek the immolation of his sexual nature, but he does need to subordinate his sexual passion to the reign of the season and the government of the moral sense. He cannot afford to ignore the rights, the comfort and the wishes of his wife. If he looks upon marriage as an easy means of securing self-indulgence, as affording a safe and lawful means for unbridled gratification, he is doomed to disappointment and to misery. If passion is to be enthroned where God has ordained that none but love should reign, then lawlessness with all its attendant horrors must, and surely will, desolate the heart, the home and the life, for lust can filch but cannot enjoy the pleasures and blessings of this heaven-ordained relation, which are reserved only for the pure, who live under the arena and rule of love and reason.
The young man who marries will find himself in an entirely new relation in life. Grand as life may have been in the past, but the present and the future will be full of new meaning, of grander possibilities and of larger blessing. God has meant that love should come to man to glorify life and to lift the lower nature of husband and wife into higher realms of thought and being, to transform, deepen, broaden and soften. In them, love should become the potent source of the mightiest inspirations. The husband’s duty is seemed formerly to care, to arrange and to provide only for him. But now he has assumed additional responsibilities, he is no longer to live for himself, but for his wife, his children, and in a larger sense for his descendants, for the good of his race. He is to continue by transmitting himself that life may remain when he is gone. What he does involves the interests of his wife, and of those who are to come after him. Love is to conquer selfishness. He is to rise above himself, and the present good and future happiness of others are to constitute his well-being. His present and future happiness will be dependent upon a clear apprehension of the fact that what he is will determine what his descendants are to be after him. What we have been are what we transmit. The responsibilities are grievous, but the state of two agreeable souls made one in a happy marriage is the grandest and most blessed earthly condition conferred upon man by God Himself.


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