Relationship Dating Tips for Single Parents

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An article offering advice on some of the important things to keep in mind when you're looking to get back into dating as a single parent.

Single Parent Dating

Many single parents struggle for months or even years about whether or not they should date. Whether or not you date is completely up to you but it is important to remember that dating and having relationships as single parent families is completely different than dating and having relationships is when you are simply single (though it is easy to argue that dating and having relationships is never easy)!

Before you jump into the deep end with your eyes closed consider these relationship dating tips for single parents: Here are the top three suggestions when dating as a single parent:

Remember your Kids

It is important to remember that the relationship you have with your children will outlast any other relationship you have. Your relationship with your kids will influence all of the decisions you make when you date as a single parent.

When searching for relationship dating tips for single parents this is the most important. Your kids come first. Make sure that your kids understand that you will do your best to keep their lives as stable and secure as possible and that in no way are you trying to replace their other parent (if there is a relationship there). Place heavy emphasis on the fact that you will always love them the most no matter whom else comes along.

Present Yourself As a Single Parent

The cold hard truth is that being a single parent is different than being single and dating single parent families is much more complicated. The stakes are higher. Anybody that you date has to understand that you are a parent first and a single person second. Any date who does not understand this or who tries to change this is not worth your time.

If you are looking for major suggestions when dating as a single parent or take away nothing else from our article on relationship dating tips for single parents, let it be this: Any person who tries to undermine your connection with your children is not worth your time and should be left in the dust. Explain to new dates where your priorities lie, but if they don't get it, move on.

Take Things Slowly

Don't rush in to getting your kids together with your date. In fact, it is better to keep your dates away from your kids until you are sure that there is serious relationship potential there. Introducing your kids and dates before you are sure about the potential relationship status is just a recipe for failure. If the relationship fizzles, your kids could get hurt. It is important that they understand that you won't be bringing a parade of dates into their lives that you will only introduce the people you find the most important.

These are just three relationship dating tips for single parents and there are plenty of other suggestions when dating as a single parent that your friends and family will give to you but these are the most important! Take things slowly, be honest and be sure and you and your kids should be just fine.

Single Parent Dating Video

An interesting video interview with the people behind an online single parent magazine and their advice and take on dating for single parents.


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20th Jul 2011 (#)

The advice given is good but I feekl they are missing some important information on single parent dating.

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Thank you for sharing.:)

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