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Healthy Relationships are essential to bringing prosperity and happiness in lives. Men who are built with a dominating and commanding nature should treat their relationship with their partner in a very polite way so that it can be strengthened. There are some very good tips which man can follow to build healthy relationship with their partners.


Men are built to develop strong relationships as they have a loyal and darling nature. But at times few things go wrong and especially communication gap is such a lethal virus that can dent any relationship. To avoid such events to occur and spoil a sweet relationship, men should follow certain tips and advice which can direct their relationship on the righteous path.

Keep a clear mindset and attitude towards your relationship:

It is important for men to keep a clear and tension free mindset towards their relationship.
Men should be certain about everything in their relationships. Men should not complicate things and remain natural as much as they can to build strong relationship with their partner. Most of the times men do unnecessary things and make the relationship full of uncertainties and ambiguities. These uncertainties from men can really play a fowl with the emotions of the partner and make her feel embarrassed and inferior at times. Men should just stay aware of everything what their partner is up to but should never develop a needless disbelief.

Try Building Perfection in your relationship

It is necessary for men to look for brining perfection in their relationships:
Perfection can be the essence of any strong relationship. Men usually stay busy in their worldly affairs and give the least time to ponder bringing perfection in their relationship. Relationships demand time and affection and men should look to strengthen their relationships by giving both to their partners. Perfection means to remove the loopholes from a relationship and leave very little room behind for improvement so that the relationship can rejoice all colors of the life in an exquisite way.

Respect the Liking and Disliking of your partner

Never underestimate your partner and give her respect in the relationship:
It is very important for a healthy relationship to respect the liking and disliking of your partner and never try to undermine the emotions of your partner. Try to stay calm and develop a friendly relationship with your partners so that a nourishing environment can be created for relationship to grow.

Be Polite and protective in the relationship

Politeness and Caring attitude are very important for men in a relationship:
One of the very essential advices to have an astute relationship is by remaining polite in the relationship with your partner. Understand the problems and even the gestures of your partner and treat every situation sensibly and in a polite manner. One more active ingredients of a successful relationship is that men should realize their female partner the sense of protectiveness and a shield which would protect them from all dangers. This helps building blind trust in a relationship and adding vigor to it.

Don’t pass away from argument and stay vocal

Give consideration to the positive arguments in a relationship.
Sometimes arguments in a relationship can be productive for the goodwill of a relationship. It becomes complimentary at times to argue with each other and solve mutual problems that can create serious consequences if not managed well. Men should not exaggerate things which they do sometime but there is always a need of constructive argument so that harms of miscommunication in a relationship can be avoided.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
4th Apr 2013 (#)

Mutual trust and respect is the backbone and that we are in in it for life. But each partner worries that by giving an inch the other will take a yard! siva

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
4th Apr 2013 (#)

Well I learnt that in in an argument stay calm and maintain silence. This I say as a woman.
Men as a rule can say lots of mean things as they thing that is the best way to win an argument, putting down a woman.
Well 99.9% think via their pecker rather than their head and those who use their brains are the few selected handful blessed with real time brains.
Don't get me wrong, they ALL can be very clever in their work and friendship but not much in a relationship unless they use their head by judging what their woman is like rather than stereotyping themselves to a single set of rules and tall well meaning advice.

I would say the same to woman too from personal experience.

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author avatar LOVERME
13th Apr 2013 (#)

a simple swallow
can never a spring make
does your country
like USA and west
now have similar make
no restrictions
burkha at stake..

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