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Reincarnation has been a subject hotly debated between those who are for or against. However, from whatever angle one looks at reincarnation, there is one basic fact, our beliefs not withstanding, nothing negates its existence or otherwise.

Reincarnation: Myth or Reality?

Some times in my quite moments, i can't help but ponder on the nature of man, where did we come from, and where do we go from here, after our earthly experience. Nevertheless, I have cause to believe that our existence on earth is not spontaneous, an accident or something that happened by chance, but rather, through a superior intelligence that sometimes surpasses human understanding.

And it follows therefore that, if we agree that man and everything around him is the hand work of this superior intelligence, in other word God, then, there should and must be a purpose specifically for human's existence on earth. Having said that, I repeat, why is man on earth, why is the various experiences we are passing through necessary, why wasn't everything made plain good for the total enjoyment of man,why the sweet and the sour,why the ups and downs in life, why do we have the rich and the poor, why are people born blind and others not, why do some people come into life right from cradle to face the drudgery of life, while others come with everything seemingly working for them?

These questions as they are brings us to the portal of reincarnation. Reincarnation as a principle fits in with the puzzles that has to do with fair judgement and justice. At this juncture, if we agree that part or the purpose of man on earth is, his winding journey to perfection before returning to Godhead, then, one earth life can not be said to be fair and feasible for man to attend that highly evolved state of consciousness. There must be a connection between the contrasting inequalities in life and reincarnation. God is love, fair, and a very merciful father and therefore can not use some human beings who happens to find themselves in the down rung of life as guinea pigs are used for experiments, while others wallow in good things of life.

However, every one is given the opportunity to continue improving the contents of self because, I believe, that there must be a connection between what is happening now, and what will happen in next life, nothing is ever lost, erased, nothing is forgotten. Every condition a man finds himself is fairly justified. We weave and create on our own volition, our paths in life, and so shall we create in the lives to come, but after creating, we then have to live with the results and conditions of the choices we have made. In other words, we are at liberty to make our choices in life, but does not have the liberty to chose the consequences. That is why, now we are conscious of the present, we must strive to be the best in whatever position we find ourselves in the station of life.


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Uranta Emmanuel is a social worker, a counselor, and presently works with the National Youth Service Corps in Abuja, Nigeria.

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