Reducing Back Pain when Breastfeeding

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One problem many new mums experience when breastfeeding is back pain, yet this is something that can easily be avoided or reduced. Here are a few tips how to avoid this.


Following the birth of a baby, many mothers experience back pain. This can be caused for three reasons. Firstly, hormones have an effect on the ligaments in the back during the later stages of pregnancy in preparation for childbirth.Both hormone levels and the ligaments will take a while after birth to readjust. Secondly, the process of childbirth itself can put a strain on the back. Thirdly, after giving birth your body has to readjust to the shape it was prior to pregnancy. This can take its toll on the back. If you have opted to breastfeed, the last thing that you will want to do is exasperate any problems with your back. If you are lucky enough not to already be experiencing back pain then the nursing period is not the time to start having them. Here are some tips on how to avoid or reduce back pain while breastfeeding.

Appropriate Seating

The first thing that you will need to do is to make sure that you have appropriate seating while you are breastfeeding. First and foremost, this should be something that you find comfortable. Secondly, it should support your back and keep you in an upright position. Finally, it is preferable to have armrests as this will help you to support the weight of your baby while feeding.


It can be helpful while breastfeeding to have some additional support as this will take the strain off your back. A simple object like a pillow or cushion under the arm that is holding the baby can be useful. There are also special pillows designed for nursing mothers that support both your back and your arms while breastfeeding. Another option is to buy a nursing sling. Some mothers find that such items are useful, reduce back pain and are comfortable to use.


One of the most important elements of avoiding back pain while breastfeeding is to breastfeed in the correct position. One essential point to remember is that you always bring the baby to the breast and not the breast to the baby. This will prevent you from adopting a stooping position while feeding which will increase the likelihood of back pain. Furthermore, it will reduce the risk of sore breasts and cracked nipples. Another tip is, rather than holding the baby in the crook of your arm, use the arm on the opposite side to the baby's head and use your hand to support the baby's neck. The weight of the baby's body will be taken by your abdomen rather than putting strain on your arms, neck and back. If you need further support or advice about the correct position you can ask an experienced health professional or breastfeeding adviser.

Maternity or Nursing Bras

Choosing a well-fitting maternity or nursing bra will offer you additional support to the breasts and to the back during the nursing stage. A professional fitting can help to make sure that you buy the best shape, size and design for your needs.


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15th Apr 2014 (#)

For engorged breasts try hot water massages and cabbage leaf therapy....

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Nursing pillows definitely help too

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