Reasons Why Your Child's Behavior Might Change

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Lifestyle changes are a big factor when it comes to child behavior and the changing of child behavior. The changes that come about after significant lifestyle changes need to be monitored and understood to ensure that your kids remain happy and balanced.

Changing Child Behavior Is Frustrating For The Parent

Often a child's behaviour changes like the weather - happily playing with siblings or friends one minute and a fist pounding, leg kicking tantrum the next. These changing child behaviours are often attributed to emotional stress and or low self esteem and can be very stressful for a parent.

Many parents will gradually become more and more frustrated over time due to their changing child's behaviour and this can lead to the use of even stricter punishments for the child.

Stricter punishments may include charging your kids with a time out or taking away their favourite video games and toys. It may even include a physical punishment like hitting your child. God Forbid anything more than just a little tap!

Some Reasons Why Your Child's Behaviour Might Change Are Worth Considering.

Moving house is a really big issue for a child, especially if the child is going to be going to a new school or kindergarten. This ultimately means that they will be thrust into a totally unfamiliar environment and changing child behaviour is guaranteed.
The arrival of a new baby in the house may or may not trigger an emotional change in your child and their behaviour. Some children seem to manage this particular situation well. Others may become increasingly jealous of the new arrival and this jealousy can cause your child to really act up.
The loss of one of your child's favourite toys can trigger sudden changing child behaviour and they may even trash your house whilst searching for their beloved possessions.
The death of a family member, a grandparent or a sibling is one of the most difficult changes a child will ever have to experience and changes in a child's behaviour following such an event could last a very long time.

By understanding that even the smallest lifestyle change can and will initiate changing child behaviour, you will be able to better manage your child's changing behaviour. It is also important to understand that things that you may not consider to be a big deal like moving house or changing schools actually are a very big deal for your kids. Your reaction to the loss of a favourite toy may be to say something like, " Go and play with something else!" or "I will get you another one tomorrow!" This is not what your child wants to hear from you and they will often become emotional and scream and shout at you.

For more information on how to better manage changing child behaviour, you can check out this great resource that I found on child behavior help. This resource really goes into depth about why children misbehave and how to prevent misbehaviour in children in the future.


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