Reasons Why Every Christian Should Have a Theological Education

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A detail of some good reasons why every Christian should study theology.

Why study theology?

The study of theology is important to every Christian minister and priest, pastor and church leader. We of course often times think that a strong theological education is most important for the minister, but we also need to realize that it can be just as valid for even the everyday parishioner and churchgoer.

Having a strong background in theology can help guide our faith to new found heights and can also put us in a position to assist in the church if we feel guided in this direction such as a deacon or a sub-deacon. Of course, this education doesn't just extend into leadership. A theological background can also help us on an informal basis when talking to new seekers, mentoring someone in the local church, or even leading a community organization.

Courses offered online and in person such as systematic theology can prepare our research skills or even touch up our old ones. Studying theology proper can help lead us closer to the knowledge of God and the His Kingdom. The list can go on for hours.

The Holy Bible

One place we should all start, even before studying theology in a class or out of a book, is to read our Holy Bible in full. From the New Testament to the Old, we can learn much from our Holy Book that can be applied almost immediately in our daily lives.

Have you ever had an "aha" moment when reading through your Bible? How about a smile or even tears? The Holy Bible can effect us in mysterious and spirit-led ways, leading us into a fuller relationship with Christ Jesus. You may be surprised how even just five or ten pages of reading a night can turn our Christian life around in an instant and towards the never ending light and love of God.

Online Seminaries and Bible Colleges

Virtual seminaries and bible colleges can be a great place to start! Some of these institutions offer degrees and credit hours while others are free and unaccredited, maybe even run by volunteers. The free bible schools online are a great resource for the Christian who doesn't seek an official education but would still like to grow spiritually.

Some churches also provide a catechism of their core beliefs. If you have grown up in the church and haven't had much time to take a look, I suggest you start there. Even though it will be basic, the church catechism will give you faith which is planted on a rock.

Other options available to the Christian include seminars, presentations and social events. You may be surprised at what you can learn just by attending one biblical seminar. Many churches offer these for free within larger communities and I have even heard of churches that hold classes on the Eucharist and how more believers may get involved. Many well known seminaries are also now offering online courses which can be sat in on by anyone who is interested. Of course they won't award credit or a certificate, but they can still help you as a Christian believer.

There are many options out there for the seeking Christian. The best thing one can do is truly think about what you want to take away from a theological education and possibly what discipline or school of thought interests you most. This will lead you towards deciding on where and when to study and how much time you can devote towards your efforts.

The Educated Christian

An educated Christian is better at defending the faith, instructing others, mentoring needy individuals and groups, and contributing to the good of the church. Always remember though, if you feel called to serve, God will be putting many good things in your place as well as many challenges to overcome through grace and faith in the Lord.

As we have mentioned earlier, there are many more options open to the educated Christian who knows what he or she wants out of church life and spiritual experience. When studying theology, one is given the chance to place deeper spiritual roots into the best soil and learn something truly significant along the way.


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