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How my friend RV found what he was looking for, it took a lot of searching but he has what he wanted. now. He has happieness, which is hard to find, He found it her on an island in the Pacific Ocean.

Meeting R. V,

What is an R V Testor? Or maybe it’s who is an R V Testor? Actually the question should be: Who is R. V. Testor? To tell the truth he is an extraordinary man. He is one of those fellows in my age group that has been around, he has been there and done that, and if he did not do it, it was only because he did not want to, I met and got to know R V one day at the county fair in John Day, Oregon.
I was working the fair circuit at that time, and I had bid on a space at the Cook County fair and went in early to get my spot setup for the fair that was to begin on Thursday, I usually go around and meet the other vendors when I get there and that is how I met R V Testor.

His line was that he made and sold custom made silver jewelry, I think gold too if someone wanted to pay the price. We sat and talked a long while and became good friends. As it turns out he was single at the time, like I was, we were both lonesome. My other friend Dave and I had been planning a trip to the Philippines to see if we could find a good prospect for a wife, so I invited R V to come along. He declined, but he did come two years later.

RV and his Pot of Gold

When RV got to Cebu he started looking for a lady that suited him and he had to be pleasing to her too. We rented a furnished apartment for him from John Casanova, and he proceeded with his wife shopping. He found some that were airheads and I told him so, so he kept looking. Here in Cebu there are many to choose from, but my friend Ivy had a friend that wanted to meet him so we got them together on rainy day in an open air café.

That day it was as they say ”Raining Cats and Dogs”, Ivy and I had finally arranged for RV and Bea to meet, it was raining so hard they could not have crossed the street to get away from each other, if they had wanted to, but they did not want to. That was great and they sat and got to know each other while it poured down rain.

Bea was looking for a more mature guy since many of the guys her age seemed very immature, Bea was pushing 30 years old and did not want to marry a kid. They got together and got married, and what surprised me was that they moved to the Island of Leyte, it turns out that Bea’s parents had some land there and gave them some. Now they have built a house and barn, and have typical small farm, and seem to be very happy.

To top it all off they have two really cute kids, a girl and a boy named Harvey, very nice looking kids, and they mind well, but RV would not have it any other way.


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29th Oct 2012 (#)

A very excellent read. I enjoy the article very much. Thanks for the great share.

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30th Oct 2012 (#)

Very nice!

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2nd Nov 2012 (#)

Great piece of article to share about life....

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