Putting That Guy on a Leash and Making Him Love it! Here is How to Keep Him Interested Sexually

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The married doctor, who everyone calls Mcgruffy, goes to the empty janitor room for no apparent reason. When he opens the door a lovely nurse clad in nothing but a blanket awaits him. The doctor closes the door behind him at the same time the nurse sheepishly says "I do love a hot married man." If this sounds like a corny noon time show to you, think again.


There's a reason why so many shows out there will always have a cheating man in the story. Because it's a fact! And there is only one word that will solve this problem. And that word is "change" Now I'm not saying you need to turn into a blonde whore. What I'm trying to say is that you need to keep things fresh and original. And one very specific thing you need to keep fresh is your sex life.

Role Play - Role playing is always a breath of fresh air when it comes to sex since it allows you to be people you fantasize about. So instead of your man wanting a piece of some blonde waitress at Burger king, why not try to pretend to be that waitress instead? Now, did anyone order some of my sloppy Joes (wink)?

Location Location -If you've always done it inside your bedroom for the past 10 years, then that's the signal for you to try it in a different place. A hotel of your choice would make him very James Bond-ish if you're into that kind of thing.

Make Him Wait...Then Attack - Try to say no once or twice if he wants to have sex. The third time he asks be as wild as you can possibly be.

The masseuse - Every time your husband comes home from work he's stressed. Give him a massage once in a while to relive that stress. This would also be a good foreplay before sex.

He's Hungry...But Not for Food - Try doing something kinky with food for a change. Whip cream isn't just for deserts.

Kama Sutra - If you've used up all the weird sex positions you know then it's time to go to the bookstore or visit your friend Google. The kama sutra can provide excellent information regarding sex positions.

Voyeurism - Make a sex tape. Yes, you heard me right. You don't need to upload it on the net or even keep it for more than a day. The simple act of taping yourself gives you the same sense of adrenaline rush like when you're doing it on public.

As you all know, I am the hot lady with the hot articles for matured couples who want to maintain their relationships. The physical is very important and even though I do not encourage pervetness and acting "sluty" I also want to say, being wild in your intimacy makes your relationship more fun, relaxing, enjoyable and personal. So, even as you enjoy this piece, there are still more of my works you can check from my other blogs. So choose anyone or all of them and check them out!

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Lamb, dear. You're bringing out fantastic articles!

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Sexy, enticing, wonderful and true tips

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