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A relationship is sometimes not ruined by one another's indifference. Sometimes, it is the society that pushes one to make a mistake. Circumstantial? Probably.....

A Sacrifice For A Better Life

Going through life, we experience joys and pains. Our life may be centered with our families. Everything that we ever wanted is to see that our families are given utmost care and their needs are always met. It would sometimes go to the extent of having to sacrifice leaving the country just to be able to provide for the family. This is a great challenge for couples with regards on how strong they could hold on in keeping their faith in each other. Temptations are always there to taunt you. It is just a matter of always being reminded of what is right and what is good.

The Temptation

But sometimes, no matter how much we turn ourselves away from temptations, we fall for that trap. Should it be an excuse that you just miss your spouse that you have allowed yourself to be in a situation which could actually ruin your relationship? It must be just so hard to hold on to such emotion when sometimes you would make yourself believe that it would only be a one-time affair or “anyway, I won’t be caught”. But, just when you thought that it would only happen once, there were several other instances.

No secret can be kept forever. And that is a fact. No matter how much you try to hide things that weren’t suppose to be known by others, still it will come out. And if there are people who may be envious of you, they would probably the ones who would put you in that hot seat. So how do you escape that reality? YOU CAN’T! It is something that you should bravely face. There simply is no excuse for that mistake. How can you make your spouse be at fault when all that your spouse did was think of the welfare of the family? He never missed communicating to you. He never missed sending you financial support . How do you get out of that hole?

A Ruined Relationship

When situations like these happens, even the kindest person would probably think of putting an end to his life. Maybe not because of shame, but because of the hurt that he feels for not being respected, for taking for granted his efforts......This is a story of a couple whom I have known for several years. I was not close to them but somehow, I knew their story. I would sometimes ask myself why do people have to leave the country to find greener pasteur when they can do the same work here in our country and be with their families. Are there really lesser opportunities here to raise a family and be able to provide better lives for them in our country? Or do we tend to aspire for grandeur things in life that earning enough is not enough?


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author avatar redvakaurvaki
30th Jul 2013 (#)

our choices influence by many things... one thing for sure, once they took the decision, they should know the consequences, accept it and face it

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author avatar LOVERME
30th Jul 2013 (#)

Opinions spouses
when you leave your spouse
for an indefinite period
temptations will ar.....
please read the rest at my place....

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author avatar Retired
30th Jul 2013 (#)

A good article. All of us are wea and frail humans and temptation comes the way of us all. The hard thing is when we have to face the consequieces.

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author avatar Dr. Ni
30th Jul 2013 (#)

Perhaps it is just the homelessness advocate within me, but what struck me most in your article was the fact that many couples MUST separate to support their families and that seems, to me, the greatest injustice.

If one could simply earn what one needed to in one's home country, these types of temptations could be avoided in so many cases .....

You write with pathos and caring. Brava.

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