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Who could forget that first little feeling? That first smile, that giddy feeling towards someone? A crush is a starting point, everything started from it.

Understanding the First Puppy Love

Who could forget that first little feeling? That most memorable feeling we felt way back our adolescence. That first smile, that giddy feeling towards someone, the way our face turns red and tongue got tied when that cute seatmate or neighbor is passing by, of that chasing and teasing times. Finding the girl/boy in the next row cute and staring at her/him for hours while dreaming of a romantic date during your teacher’s lecture in front was probably a common experience to most young men and women in their junior years.

This experience attributes to one word – crush – a special feeling we felt towards another person we barely know, a puppy love. Having a crush marks the most exiting phase of us – the start of our teen life. The phase where we began to notice our voice gets deeper, bodies forming a shape, pimples erupting on the corner of our nose. This is likewise the phase when we began to notice and become attracted to the opposite sex. Feeling a great admiration with a mixture of embarrassment is what forms a crush. A feeling like love but lesser than that.

Many believe that a crush is a good start for a person to determine whom he would fall into when he grows older. This determines what qualities the objects of your affection possess that set them apart from the rest. A crush is a starting point, everything started from it.

A crush is inevitable and likewise unpredictable, there’s nothing wrong with having it. A crush can only go wrong when the object of your affection is creating harm towards your attitude and self growth. Having a crush does not mean changing your whole self or forgetting your identity for his/her benefits. It should always be a two way street. Avoid becoming a dog following your master’s trail, that’s not healthy. Likewise, if you feel your crush doesn’t share the same feeling towards you and you’re becoming a laughing stock by the crowd then its time to stop the chasing, maybe you’re not meant to be.

Having a crush is a good experience, and experience can be repeated. If you’re feeling lost in emotions new to you, try seeking for a confidante, your mother or siblings might probably have better advices to share. If you were ashamed or afraid of opening up to your family then your best friend is the next best person to run to at trying times.


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author avatar LOVERME
16th Aug 2010 (#)

this is like the everlasting
life time first kiss
do u not still that miss ??????

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author avatar djmarion
16th Aug 2010 (#)

i will always miss the memory of the feeling during my first kiss. you can never revive that fire i guess :)

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author avatar LOVERME
16th Aug 2010 (#)

a newer fresher frenchier and sexier kiss
oh how i wish
i was the torch bearer
of that one and only flame
for life
that does of me remain

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author avatar Humza
29th Apr 2011 (#)

very true
thnx for the wow share

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
9th Jan 2015 (#)

This post is newer than my first crush years ago - but the memory remains evergreen! siva

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