Psychological Needs of Human Life

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It is well said that 'necessity is the mother of inventions' which derives us into the fact that progress and development are seeded in needs and necessities of humanity. This begins a cycle of realizing ever new needs, then working to satiate them, and so on.

Seeds of Human Progress

It is well said that 'necessity is the mother of inventions' which derives us into the fact that progress and development are seeded in needs and necessities of humanity. This begins a cycle of realizing ever new needs, then working to satiate them, and so on. Apart from such artificially created needs and necessities, I have discovered six basic characteristic needs of human life which have always been working as seeds of human evolution, progress and development.
Human needs may be put into two categories - instinctive and intuitive. Needs of survival, procreation, etc are instinctive and well known for their being natural. Here we talk about intuitive needs of human-beings.

Need to React to Natural Impacts

Everything, including living and nonliving beings, gets affected by its environment say its temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, etc. Human body, mind and brain and their functions of health, wisdom and intellect are highly sensitive to impacts and vibrations in the external environment making it a basic human characteristic need to absorb and react to these environmental impacts in efforts to maintain the functions of body, mind and brain at optimum level within the given circumstances.

Need of Energy

All activities natural and artificial need energy. Life itself is an intrinsic activity and human-beings act extrinsically too for various reasons. For carrying out these activities, human-beings need an incessant input of energy which they get from foods they eat, air they breathe, and atmosphere they live in as heat. Since energy has a cost, its utilization need be optimized, which human-beings make efforts for artificially or naturally.

Need of being Happy and Sharing Joy

Happiness is desired by all of us and we make our best efforts to achieve this based on our individual perceptions of life, education and training. In-spite of this, happiness eludes many of us for pursuing it wrongly through other possessions of life, instead of pursuing it directly as a state of mind. Love is the greatest way of pursuing happiness directly which is always a two-way phenomenon - loving others and being loved by others.

Sympathy in Adversities

Each of us wants to have a support for getting relieved of his/her worries. Usually and naturally, this support must be the person's own capabilities and self-confidence through them. Since every one doesn't have these so easily and under circumstantial compulsions, concept of Gods and Goddesses has been devised and continuously nurtured by some cunning persons to rob off the innocent and lethargic humanity for making efforts for improving capabilities to fight out the worries. Because of this support, one of the basic traits of innocent human-beings is to imagine his/her deity, be devoted to him and pray him for reliefs.

Need to Quench for Quests

Over the long period of evolution of human civilization, curiosity has come out to become one of the genetic instincts of human-beings through which they need to probe and make efforts to know more of their surroundings and the Nature spread up to unknown far off. All philosophical, scientific and artistic progress and developments are outcomes of this need of the humanity.

Need to Communicate

Communicating with the self and others - living and non-living beings, in contact is a basic trait and need of every human-being. For this, they use verbal and body languages and feelings and go on developing these for improving expressions. These communications go on incessantly by each of us through thought waves and socializing.

Need to Think and Imagine

Human-beings have a tendency to seek what is naturally available to them. This has been the prime factor behind development of human civilization and intellectual evolution of humanity. To satiate this tendency, human-beings need to imagine and then making efforts to materialize those imaginations which appear feasible. An unfeasible imagination at one time has the potential of being a reality some day.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
15th Jun 2015 (#)

Good thoughts. How we balance our different urges determines our equanimity. Once we make sure basic needs of survival are met, then there are endless possibilities - siva

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
16th Jun 2015 (#)

So nicely written, appreciate that..

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