Protect Your Children

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Child abduction has increased several times over in my lifetime. It's hard to understand how there could be people out there that would do such a thing.

Protect Your Children

Child abduction has increased several times over in my lifetime. It's hard to understand how there could be people out there that would do such a thing. When I was a child, I had free range of the woods and lake within a five mile circumference of my home. I can't remember a time that anyone confronted me in an evil way.
Today all of that has changed. The children of today are kept behind closed and locked doors at home and they don't have the privilege of exploring the world around them. It's all due to the fear inside the parents of their child being the next to disappear.

This is poetry that spells out reality and should be read carefully and remembered. It's from a real story. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Protect Your Children

Jimmy took his bicycle
And headed for the mall.
He planned to meet up with his friends
And play a game of ball.

Jimmy never made it there,
For him they found no trace.
They only knew that he was gone,
And what his parents faced.

They found his bike out in a lake,
Several miles from town.
But nothing else was learned about
How all of this went down.

When they found Jimmy's body,
It was tied up with a rope,
Face down in a farmer's field,
This child was given no hope.

Answers were discovered,
With another child attack.
A little girl escaped the grips
and filled in all the facts.

This comes from a story true
And warns each Mom and Dad,
Protect your children all the time,
Or you will wish you had.

By Don Rothra


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I am a retired country music entertainer and published poet and song writer. I now specialize in writing limericks for publication.

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
30th Mar 2014 (#)

Sadly watching our children closer is not going to help, we have to raise our kids better so they do not turn into the kind of person that does this.

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author avatar Don Rothra
30th Mar 2014 (#)

Thanks for your comment Mark. I have to totally agree with you. There's only so much you can say in an article like this and I thought I might be able to open some eyes. Yahoo refused to publish this because it was too suggestive.

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
31st Mar 2014 (#)

a most important thing to do Don...thank you for this..

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
1st Apr 2014 (#)

I agree Don, times have changed for the worse with regard to the safety factor of innocent children. When I was young my parents were never worried like modern day parents - in fact, society took care of all children - siva

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author avatar vpaulose
6th Apr 2014 (#)

Thank you dear brother Don, for sharing this post.

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