Prosperity and benefits that come with education for girls

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This article is about Prosperity and benefits that come with education for girls

Prosperity and benefits that come with education for girls

Education is the key to success for any girl in the world. It has become the key to reduce poverty and increase any country's economy. The problem is that there is a lot of gender inequality in education. Research has shown that girls are less likely to get an education or even achieve it than boys. This is especially seen in developing countries around the world. Adolescent girls have great potential to change any society and to take it to greater heights. They can accelerate any economy growth, be involved in the labor force of any country and become human resources for any country. They can do this only if they are empowered with education hence become caretakers of the next generation. The world is becoming tougher every day and there is no way adolescent girls will prosper in it unless they are empowered with education. Education provides many opportunities for these girls to better their lives and their surrounding community.

Since the universal declaration of human rights, everybody including adolescent girls have a right to education. The rights encourage every country to provide quality education that is not biased in terms of gender. Basic education is encouraged in any state and the quality should be maintained. Governments, private sectors, non-government organizations and charity organization are encouraged to invest in education for adolescent girls. This will ensure that the rights of education are fulfilled and a country's economy can grow both in a short-term and long-term perspective. The goal should be to provide facilities and schools that will ensure that all girls in the state have access to basic, quality education. Ministries of education should put such agendas on top of their priority list since the prosperity that comes out of education is immense.

One of the prosperities that come with education for adolescent girls is cultural change. Most cultures and traditions tend to stand between basic quality education and adolescent girls. These traditions usually hinder teenage girls that are in the age group of ten to twenty four years. Traditionally, these girls are considered to do home chores all day without attending school. Tradition is usually based on many inequalities between the girl and boy child. Sometimes culture and tradition tends to hinder both the boy and girl child from accessing education. Cultures undermine the abilities and potential that the girls have hence denying the society of the great privileges of empowering women with education. Once adolescent girls access education and acquire knowledge, they grow older and change such traditional norms. They provide for their families and they educate their children hence changing the attitude of their parents and guardians. This even goes a long way to pave way for other girls to access education once the success of it becomes a reality. This is because the successful women who have had an educational background become examples for others to follow.

Another success or prosperity that comes with educating the girl child is better health. Education provides the relevant knowledge on nutrition, basic health tips, family planning and many other key health issues. This makes them to apply the relevant knowledge and skills acquired to take care of themselves. They use this knowledge on health to take care of their families and the society. Some of them grow up and are involved in the medical field. These include health professionals like doctors, nurses, laboratory scientists and many others. They contribute and give back to the society through services of improving the health of other people. The knowledge generated when girls have an education on health is so enormous and it ripples across other aspects. Families are improved in terms of health. There are lower rates of malnutrition. Maintaining or treating diseases is very expensive. However, better health means that the economy will grow since people can work more. This is because better health comes with increased productivity rate. Girls also learn about HIV and AIDS. They learn about prevention measures that prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Another prosperity that girls get once they acquire education is poverty reduction. The skills and knowledge acquired when women and girls are empowered with education is used to generate income. Education is a powerful tool that is used to generate wealth. It is used to generate resources like human labor, finances and even increase business opportunities. Lives are changed and girls start generating income and supporting their families. The effects of this are enormous. The potential that is possessed in girls is nurtured through education. Once they get educated, they flourish since the wealth they generate is so enormous that it can transform economic growths in a country. Poverty is a result of violation of human rights like basic education. This usually has more effects in women than in men. Denial of education to girls locks them out of the labor force and they will end up being non-economical citizens in the society. Instead of generating and improving the economy of a country, they act as citizens who usually depend on the country for provision of basic needs. This leads to poverty for women and this brings down the economy in general. However, educated girls do the opposite. They use education to become economical citizens in a country.

Education causes women to bring economic and political stability in any country. Learned women have low fertility rate compared to illiterate women. The mortality rate of children born through educated women is lower compared to that of uneducated women. Education makes girls get children at an older mature age hence reducing mortality rate. This helps to control the population in countries since the population growth rate is controlled. The stability brought about by educated women paves the way to helping other girls get education since they are involved in organizations that fight for women's rights. More girls that are educated bring more stability in a nation's economy and politics. Women and girls can therefore use education to prosper and contribute to the society. They therefore improve their lives through education.

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Culture is dependent on girls, only girls can change the economical situation because they spent more than boys.

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