Proper Utilization of Leisure and Work Time for Working and Retired People

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The world is growing older. The number of old people, retired people is increasing. The leisure time and work time acquires more importance. One needs to plan the utilization so that time is properly utilized. Article writing or just relaxing, every little thing needs to be organized.

Retired people have more time for leisure

Most of the world is blogging or gardening. The ratio of the number of working people to those who are enjoying retirement will decrease. For an increase of the working segment from 35.5 million to 36.7 million there will be a rise 3.3 million people to 13.8 million according to a study conducted in Britain. This is for the three decades beginning from 1999 and ending at 2030. Here are some popular pastimes.

Writers begin with articles

Arrange your articles: One may be a great writer or one who is just starting out. If you have some flow in the things you write, you will understand how it is with the world. Only those things are called up which not yet been ordered or will not be ordered by anyone else. For this reason, it is imperative to bring some order to your articles. When one makes use of the proper time allotment for leisure and work everything becomes simplified. Keep tags for your articles and date them. Once you have done this, read the articles you wish to rewrite or correct. Pin all these articles together in one file.

Relaxation begins with cleanliness

Clean your room: The environment in the room can be encouraging for work – writing articles, folding and putting clothes away, reading recipes, chatting with the young one at college, or fashioning the latest cushion covers for your bed or sofa. Most of the successful people make sure that their time allotment for leisure and work is adequate and balanced. Organization begins and ends with the amount of clutter present in the room. One must think clearly and this is only possible when you are in a neat atmosphere.

One good pastime is news

Keep up with the news: News makes and breaks careers and homes. If you are out of touch with the news, you are bound to end up on the wrong side of society. It is very lonely situation. It all depends on effective time allotment for leisure and work. One has to make this effort to utilize the best time allotment for leisure and work. Leisure is as important as work time. The most common source for gathering news and information are the internet and the cell phone. News tells us what is important at one particular time and what is not.

Gardening is for the young at heart

Do some gardening: Quality of work time improves when the person is sufficiently refreshed. This happens when he or she has sufficient leisure time. Gardening helps soothe the savage beast and bring semblance of tranquility to the house. Choose the flowers and fruits according to the season. Here are some items that the kitchen gardener would love to have in his house.

Flowers: Petunias, zinnias, roses, jasmine and fox gloves are favorites for almost all kitchen gardeners. To make as kitchen garden complete one must have one or two fruit trees and maybe some vegetables too. Vegetables like beans, peas, cabbage, carrot, turnip and cauliflower are the best choices for the average kitchen garden. Among fruits papaya, tomatoes, mango and bananas are the best choices for subtropical weather conditions.

More retired people in the coming years

Number of aged people or retired people has seen a good increase from 2000 when it was 35 million. Compare this to the 3.11 million of 1900. By 2010 this figure has reached 40.2 million. Another significant fact emerged from the study. The number of females to the males in all year categories was significantly more. Spending more time for leisure activities like gardening and news reading or just relaxing in your room will help cut down the tensions and make the world a better place.

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author avatar vandana7
18th May 2015 (#)

I am not ok with the news aspect. I mean, it is good to be aware of things, and even have opinions on it, but at times, people can get so obsessed with some part of it, that they refuse to be open to reason. I would rather they share their wisdom. Like they form society who can be approached about various problems, and they spend time debating with each other and also younger ones to evolve acceptable solutions to society's problems. This is because younger ones would not have to think things thoroughly, but the older ones will have plenty of it. In addition, the older ones bring to table their experience, and diversified thinking, which youngsters may take time for. Effectively, elderly become wiser ones to guide the society instead of being isolated from it.

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author avatar snerfu
18th May 2015 (#)

There is no need to not feel happy or get heated over slow or fast approach. We use word in myriad ways and bloom.
True, young ones have more opportunities and they have their own choices too.
One cannot assimilate knowledge in big blocks but being straightforward has its advantages.
Thanks for the left handed compliment if you meant me as an 'old man' are not cutting off my throat in any way ha ha.
Yes, the true aim is to become man. Nice to see you vandana.

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author avatar vandana7
18th May 2015 (#)

Sorry..but I ain't getting younger either. lol. I was viewing it from my perspective and my dad's. My dad gets worked up about politics, and I find many elderly out here doing that. As to me, I feel I do have some solutions, but nobody to share them with. :) I find sites like this good to write my thinking and hope at least a few would read that and mull over them. So you see, it has nothing to do with you being "old", it was a general statement. :) Sometimes, I think elderly should periodically gather in a large hall and take up weekly problems in the society and debate on them, to come up with solution like perhaps ancient Greeks and Romans may have done. :)

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author avatar snerfu
22nd May 2015 (#)

That is right, bunch up like a murder of crows cawing at every disturbance in sight! Ha ha no I was kidding, someone has to organize this thing...your idea of a get together I mean and with the internet I think many things are possible.
I enjoy reading good articles and I am glad I found you.
Thanks for stopping by, have a nice day.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
18th May 2015 (#)

We should have balance - embrace people for sure, but also embrace nature that returns our attention in sparkling fashion when we see the results of our efforts. I am yet to test whether I have green fingers though!

Lovely post, Snerfu - siva

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author avatar snerfu
18th May 2015 (#)

One can have lots of fun if we don't really understand where it all begins. The boat of life may overturn or things may come loose but at night we turn the wick down and go and appreciate the moonlight.
One must be careful always though...the tree will blossom only if we do not allow insects to eat it.
Thanks for stopping by Siva.

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