Proper Care of Body During Puberty

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Because of the sudden changes that take place at the onset of menstruation for girls and circumcision for boys, care must be taken on the proper ways of caring for their bodies.

Changes for Girls.

Because of the sudden changes that take place at the onset of menstruation for girls and circumcision for boys, care must be taken on the proper ways of caring for their bodies.

The onset of menstruation in girls can cause various physical and psychological symptoms such as headache, hyperacidity, backaches, pains in the hips and shoulders, restlessness, temper tantrums and stomach cramps. The symptoms above are sometimes called premenstrual syndrome. Different girls experience different symptoms. Regardless of what symptoms you feel, it is important that you know what to do before menstruation occurs. Enough rest and, oftentimes, pain relievers for those who are experiencing pain are the most common remedies taken for premenstrual syndrome. In addition, proper hygiene should be observed in dealing with menstruation. Today, different kinds and sizes of sanitary napkins are available in the market. You can choose the kind that fits you best. Most menstruation normally occurs for duration of three days. It is important to change the sanitary napkin once the feeling of wetness is there. This may be done once or twice a day depending on the flow of menstruation. It is advisable to change often to avoid the feeling of discomfort and unpleasant smell of menstrual wastes. It is also advisable to wrap each used napkin carefully in a piece of newspaper, and then properly dispose in the garbage can. This is part of good hygiene.

Old people believe that a girl is not supposed to take a bath during menstruation as this might affect her state of mind and might be the cause of infection. There is no scientific explanation to this. However, some would follow this practice for fear that such consequences are true. Today, doctors and educated parents find no reason why taking a bath should be prohibited. In fact, taking a full warm bath adds to the feeling of being clean, refreshed, relaxed, and comfortable. However, proper care must be taken when taking a bath.

Changes for boys.

Circumcision in boys is the act of cutting the foreskin of the boy’s organ. This is done to keep the part clean. This is a tradition influenced by the Jews long time ago as a spiritual ritual and does not, in any way; affect the boy’s capacity for reproduction. When newly circumcised, there is a need to exercise caution and to observe absolute cleanliness for rapid healing. In many cases, very loose pants or long skirts are worn temporarily to allow comfort and convenience of movement and to lessen pain and skin irritation. To avoid infection, change pants or skirt and wash the wounds with antiseptic, then bind it with very clean gauze. Avoid playing or promenading outside the house to avoid catching dirt. Take sufficient rest, drink plenty of water and eat balanced meals.


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