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Current events are "falling all over themselves" as they fulfill the requirements of Biblical prophecies telling us of our Lord's return!

Recently, I assembled a series of Old Testament prophecies that were fulfilled perfectly, by the birth, ministry, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus Christ as the promised Messiah. This has stimulated my thinking about the nearness of His Second Coming!

Just a Thought

(The author suggests that you read this e-book through, then return to click on the live links for supporting documentation).

Part 1. A Recent Discovery

Just recently, God has revealed the impact of Psalm 83 to Prophetic Students! It tells of the Arab/Israeli war that could break out any minute! It will speed up the Lord's return!

The first phase of Jesus' return is the Rapture, when Jesus takes His believers home to Heaven forever! Then the Ezekiel Chapter 38 and 39 war, or then the Rapture, (we can't be certain if this war precedes the Rapture), followed by the rule of the Anti-christ! Either sequence means He is coming SOON!

Click here for a revealing summary of this new discovery.

Recently, I came across a reference to the December 2004 tsunami and was reminded, "How soon we forget"! For a few weeks we got much news of the worst natural disaster in recorded history, (outside of the Biblical Flood)! It's estimated to have taken 300,000 lives, leaving untold millions destitute. But now a few months down stream and we need a special effort to recall it and to include the unfortunate in our prayers!

This caused me to reflect on all the additional "signs of the times" that we are told of in the Scripture that set the stage for the soon return of our Lord Jesus. Just as the impact of the tsunami fades, the wonder of all these signs of the times being fulfilled can also fade. But, they are telling us that His return is near! Not the particular date, He left it as a surprise, but obviously, near!

Part 2. General Last Day Signs

Also, this 2004 tsunami and recent associated earthquakes are among the many "birth pangs, signs" growing in frequency and intensity as His return draws near. Tsunamis, hurricanes and tropical storms are increasing in recent years. Click here for a web page with data on hurricanes and tropical storms for each year 1995 through 2004 on the various years to see the recent increase in hurricanes and tropical storms: Each year furnishes a world map showing the number and direction of that year's storms. Jesus spoke of the seas and waves as a sign of His soon return.

Jesus also spoke of plagues and pestilences as a sign. Today, with all our skills in science, we now have TB&Aids, Ebola virus, Bird flu, Mad Cow Desease and many STDs, all very challenging and some admittedly without present hope!

Jesus described all these "signs" to be like birth pangs, which become more frequent and intense as the birth nears. "But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs", Matthew 24:8

Part 3. About the Rapture

Good prophetic teaching should cause us us to accelerate our outreach efforts ahead of our Lord's soon return, when He will come to take His church from the world. This grand event is known as the Rapture!

Click here for the summary of the "New Prophetic Discovery" that could speed the timeing of the Rapture!

Joe Lawendowski of the Berean Watchmen Ministry, writes a great article titled, "Identifying the Rapture", He correctly holds to the "Pre-Tribulation" timing of the Rapture.

Of course, all the turmoil in the Mid-East should also alert thinking Christians to get ready for His return! You may wonder, if there are any prophecies concerning the USA in the last days.

Part 4. The USA in Prophecy?

Where is the USA in prophecy? The USA, is not seen in Biblical prophecy. This is surprising, since it is the only, surviving, present world power.

Three Possible Reasons - -
Either the Rapture occurs soon, taking many Christians from the USA, leaving the country in vertual ruin,


the USA will continue on it's sinful, arrogant, immoral, un-repentant path and receive our deserved judgment from God, again leaving her impotent.

For, instance, 19 terrorists with box cutters, came close to bringing us to such a condition at 9/11! Consider what could happen with real weapons! There are a multitude of ways He can take to bring judgment!

A third seemingly unlikely, option, would be to have a remarkable repentance on our part, similar to what Jonah experienced in Nineveh! This would allow time to pass as our nation's power passed more gradually on to the European Union, which is becoming the end time world power. In any event it seems the USA will cease to be a big player, as the Anti-christ comes on the scene.

Part 5. How the Rapture Relates to Ezekiel 38 & 39

One can conclude that the Rapture and the Ezekiel 38 - 39 Battle, both occur just ahead of, or at the start of the 7 year Tribulation. This is the battle when Russia, allied with most of the Arab world, is drawn into an unsuccessful invasion of Israel!

The Watchman Bible Studies has a detailed study of this Ezekiel 38 - 39 Battle. The ministry also tracks current events pretaining to the coming Gog - Magog battle.

Here's another interesting speculation - -
Personally, I have been reading of interesting speculations, suggesting that the Rapture could set the stage for the Anti-christ to surface, gaining world wide leadership with his explanations for the disappearance of the Christians throughout the world. He would step into the vacuum caused by vacated leadership etc.

Then, as he is in world leadership, the Ezekiel 38 - 39 Battle, takes place and he appears victorious. This victory, supports his claim that he is the promised Messiah. (Note: The speculation continues through Part 6).

Part 6. How the Anti-christ Might be Accepted

He could declare to the world that it had just experienced the Biblical, Battle of Armageddon where the Messiah is the victor. He would declare that he is the Messiah!

Then there is the brief, false peace that he can claim to be the beginning of the 1000 year reign seen in Rev. 20! Note:

This would be a fairly good, believable, counterfiet to deceive his followers. He will claim for himself, early in the Tribulation, what is actually going to happen, according to the Scriptures at the end of the Tribulation.

This is when Christ actually does defeat the Anti-christ in the real Battle of Armegeddon.
(End of speculations)

Part 7. Jesus Christ Returns Victorious

For then, Christ will return in power, touching down on earth, on the Mount of Olives, for the first time. This is the second phase of His return.

(At the Rapture, the first phase, He meets His church in the air 1stThess.4:13-18).

He comes to Jerusalem, with the armies of Heaven. He conquers the Anti-christ along with all the nations of the world as they rebel against Him in the actual Battle of Armageddon, Rev. 19:11-21 and Zechariah 14:2-15!

Part 8. Christ Ushers in the 1000 Year Reign

Following this battle, Christ does usher in the 1000 year reign of peace! Rev. 20:1-10, and Zechariah 14:16-21! There is a very brief, final rebellion at the end of the 1000 years, then the final destiny of Satan.

Part 9. The Great White Throne Judgment

This is followed by the Great White Throne Judgement, where soon everyone will "bow the knee" to Jesus Christ. Some having Him as their Saviour and King and others as their judge!. Rev.20:7-15. The Christ rejectors are judged for their works and are "thrown into the lake of fire".

Part 10. The New Heaven and the New Earth

Rev. 21 - 22 Tell us of the new Heaven and the New Earth and of our future eternity with our Saviour, forever marveling at His grace toward His own!

Well, I trust that this has been helpful and stimulating for you. It surely has been for me as I've assembled the pieces of it into this little e-book with much documentation for support!.

Part 11. The Public Aware of "Last Days" More Than in the Past

The hugely successful "Left Behind" book series and Mel Gibson's, valuable and successful, "Passion of Christ" film have awakened Hollywood to the opportunity to try to "play to the Evangelical Christian audience", for a change, serving up versions of "prophecy fiction"
So far, as I see their efforts, they are missing the mark! I hope this little e-book will be valuable, as you "check their work"! If you agree of its value, I suggest you book mark this page. (Usually, a "right" mouse click, will allow you to send a short-cut icon to your desk top).

Part 12. Be Sure to be Ready! Share the Good News!

This e-book has deliberately been quite brief and compact, hoping you will use it to settle questions you or your friends may have regarding the "Last Days". Also, I hope you will find it useful to urge those who are not prepared, to seek salvation.

This 35 minute video titled, "The Ultimate Question" is one of the best descriptions of how one can become a Christian that I know of. Please click here, to be certain you are READY!
Speed the Day!
2 Peter 3:11-12,
Phil. 1:21-23
Duane Gilchrist. About the aurthor.


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Being ready is the main thing, but even Christians are playing with the world and in the world. I find the greatest sign to be the fact that women are taking up positions of power all over the world - for a reason. Please see

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