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determining the behavior of someone who believes he is better than others

Boastful and pretentious

• You have to be the centre of attention when you enter a room. You have chutzpah, panache, appear self confident and in charge, but there is a person with low self-esteem lurking underneath.

• You believe that you are better than others and have to have the best car, the best job, the best girl on your arm, and always have to have the best solution for everything.

• You become angry and frustrated when people do not listen to you. You want people to say something positive about you all the time but you never return the favor.

• You fantasize about having a wealthy existence and think about power and success all the time.

• You have trouble keeping friends for a long period of time and often people just tire of you and move on.

• When someone has realized success you congratulate the person but you are secretly jealous of his or her achievement.

• You have some good but also crazy ideas and want people to participate in your schemes and go along with you.

• You are insecure and think people are jealous of you.

• You are totally unaware of how you treat others and expect people to do favors for you all the time.

• When you are in the company of people beneath your station in life you make them aware of their shortcomings.

• You can rib others but you cannot take a joke when it is aimed at you.

• You act tough and in charge but you are really fragile underneath that brave exterior you show to the world.

• You come across as boastful and pretentious and do not make a good impression. People see through you right away.

• You will read this profile and claim that you are not a narcissist, but you are. Narcissism is in fact a borderline disease, and can be treated. Perhaps you are bipolar? Perhaps you need help? Perhaps there really is a personality that wants to emerge but does not know how? The best person to answer this question is a doctor and you should in fact consult one.


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