Process and Procedure of Cooking with Older Kids

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The school-aged child loves to make their own meals sometimes by using the appliance in the kitchen. So they need proper guidance to use an appliance with the proper individual checklist.
Also, the procedure of cooking has the insight on before cooking checklist, during cooking chores and also what they need to do after the cook. This article will teach child lots of practice in the safe and proper handling of an appliance.

Cooking with Older Kids: Process and Tips

In this section, you will find a general procedure for introducing the school-aged child to an appliance and an individual checklist for each The general procedure will give your child lots of practice in the safe and proper handling of an appliance.
The checklist highlights the special features of different appliances and provides easy, sequential steps to follow.

Procedures for Cooking with Older Kids

These procedures were designed for school-aged children who have not had a lot of kitchen experience. If your youngster has been working with you in the kitchen since he was a baby, many of the steps will be unnecessary.

However, you might doublecheck his skills as he operates an appliance, especially like the pressure cooker and espresso machine to see if he can live up to safety standards. It's important to everyone that he can.

General Procedures of Cooking

1. Carefully supervise each step of the process for each appliance. Don't make any assumptions about your child's ability to handle the task.

2. Choose a recipe that uses the appliance you want. Set the recipe aside while you discuss the various parts and uses of the appliance, (For example, a blender can puree, chop, etc.) Follow the checklist as you demonstrate the operation, safety features and hazards of the appliance.

3. It's your child's turn to make a dry run. If he forgets a step or makes any safety errors, stop immediately. Show the proper way and have him repeat just that much. Then go back to the beginning for a complete, correct run through

4. When Step 3 has been mastered, then move on to the recipe. Let your child concentrate on operating the appliance. As he runs it, ask him to tell what he's doing and why. Again, if any errors or omissions occur, stop immediately (if practical) and repeat Step 3.

Using any cooking appliance in the kitchen should be a "we" experience for several subsequent occasions. And you need to clean them properly to be in healthy condition. Gradually increase your child's contribution while you remain there in the background. Once you are sure he is capable, you can fade out of the picture completely.

Routine of Cooking for Kids

Before you begin, sit down with your kids and discuss the way cooking is handled in your household. Then work out a cooking routine that suits your family, or use this one.

Before the Cooking Procedure Start:

1. Wash hands.
2. Dress properly; shoes, apron, rolled-up sleeves.
3. Clear and wipe a workspace.
4. Read the recipe from start to finish. Carefully.
5. Set out ingredients and utensils.
6. Ask or check on anything you don't understand.

During the Cook:

1. Turn all pot handles to the rear of the stove, but not over another burner
2. Wear oven mitts or use pot holders.
3. Put hot pots on a trivet, board, rack or potholder, never directly on the counter.
4. Turn off burners and oven as you finish.
5. Unplug each appliance as you finish.
6. Coil up cords neatly.
7. Wipe up spills at once.
8. Soak or rinse as you go.
9. Put sharp knives in a safe place.
10. Take your time.

After the Cook:

1. Double check that everything is off or unplugged.
2. Close and put away all ingredients.
3. Clean up.
4. Enjoy what you've made.

Last Few Words

Having a cooking routine for older kids will increase your children's efficiency in the kitchen and minimize failures and accidents. You can post a chart near the stove to serve as a reminder.


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