Problems with their lifestyle

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There teens out there who go out to start trouble. They go into problems that can become worse in the future and their parents don't care

Problems with their lifestyle

Why are there so many teens out there who do problems that can become worse in the future? Is it because their parents don't really care, they really don't know what their kids really do when they are not with them, or the parents try but their kids never listen to the parents give up?

A lot teens out there like to do graffiti in the streets, they usually write their own names that are usually their initials of their crew name. This can become a problem as they can lead to going juvenile prison and there goes there life there. They will then be wasting their lives or just let their lives fly by.

Some teen girls also like to sleep with guys without anything. Their goal is to get themselves get pregnant by them. Teen girls at the age of 14 or 16 would already want to expect a baby already. I remember when I was in school a girl that I had for a class was pregnant and her boyfriend had to quit school to go to work. Right there she she has already wasted her fun. She had to ruin her own fun because having a baby is a full responsibility. I guess some just don't understand and can't be patient until they grow a bit older to have one.

Some teenagers that I mentioned do like to start their crew and writing their initials of the name of their crew in the streets. The point of that is to get into fights with their enemies. The start getting enemies by slashing each other crew name and writing the other crew names on top. They also try to find their enemies face to face to start a fist fights with each other. I don't what is the idea of putting their names in the street if not everyone will notice them. If they would do this to be known, usually the people hate people like this. Again, they are letting their lives just past by for something that's not worth it.

Parents should look out for their kids because they can end up in a bad place when they grow older, some may not even make it to growing up to an adult.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
21st Jun 2013 (#)

I think many teens get into trouble because they are bored and their parents are "too busy" to be involved.

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author avatar fear
24th Jun 2013 (#)

yup that is true. Hmm, lol I don't know, I just feel that, like people out there say, "that's messed up." Do you think it also because they just wanted to sleep with females? Did this sounded so insulting?

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