Privacy: A modern consept, or not?

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Privacy: a modern consept or not. Privacy has always been there, but how was it different from decades ago when compared with today? What do we consider privacy in modern times and what exacly are our demands when it comes to it?

Privacy in modern times.

What is privacy to you? Yesterday an interesting argument came up about privacy being a modern concept. When people look back fifty years or more they don’t consider their lives to have had much privacy. While in some cultures and communities this might have been true, the reality is that we have always had a sense for personal privacy, yet we never saw a need to implement and demand respect for one’s personal privacy as much as we have in the current times.

First it was Pen Pal letters, then it was the phone, soon computers and e-mail exchange came in to our lives. This was quickly followed by the internet, pagers and cell phones. Those open the doors for increased communications and permit people to reach one another across the world unlike ever before with the aid of messaging systems, chatting, online interactions, blogging and so much more. Then came the storm of social media, smart phones and software like Skype. Soon enough people from all walks of life were connected in a deeper level with each other, sharing their daily lives with the world and not just close friends, family and those nosey neighbors. People even took it a step further and decided to find love online through online dating, thus uniting individuals from oceans apart in some cases.

The demands for privacy in current times.

This caused the boundaries of people to expand. But with so much worldwide communication came privacy violations, people breaching one another’s privacy and showing little regard for the kind of things they would share about themselves and those around them in social networks and even in their personal blogs. The demands for personal privacy, for people to respect privacy grew exponentially. While some are pretty liberal with their privacy, others are not so and hate divulging their lives and what is happening to them daily.
Just think of those celebrities, constantly hounded by the press, the papa racy and tabloids. Imagine how they feel about not having a single private moment. There are a lot of people out there who are not celebrities, but value their privacy as much as those celebrities. They are people like you and me. People who just want to be left to leave their lives and not have to worry about other people posting their life second by second online, sharing thoughts aboutt hem, talking about them and their life choices, or opinions in blogs, or even worse, being defamed, or bullied by someone who finds it amusing to constantly torment those people. Just think of the consequences such actions have brought so far.

When the demands for personal space, privacy and respect of opinion are not met, people will get hurt. In the least offensive of cases the person will start an argument with the other person responsible for violating their privacy without a care for their personal emotions. Then come broken friendships, astray relationships, bullying and in the worse of cases some people feel so threatened, so exposed that the only thing they can think of to put an end to the situation is by taking their lives. Privacy in these modern times is taken very serious and when things don’t go as expected and boundaries are crossed, people will get hurt.

Privacy in past decades.

Privacy in the past was more lenient. Many like to make the case that privacy did not really exist half a century ago, or even a century ago. Back then people had a sense of togetherness, of more openness and more face to face interaction. This made for privacy to be a little more flexible. How could it not have been when people knew everything about each other, their neighbors and everyone in the community? Remember the saying of little town, big problems? That’s not so for from what privacy was perceived as in past decades.

People in the past often lived in large family homes. Often times in some towns and cities an entire home would have two or more families living in it. Families often chaired their home with the grandparents, the parents and the children and everyone had a sense of mutual harmony. There sure was little privacy to be had. If someone in the home did something, or was doing something wrong, or got in to a fight, the whole house would know it. Let us not forget about the neighbors. Nosey or not, they always were caught up with the events that took place in the homes surrounding them. Everyone knew one another, their issues, life situations and more. Back in those days’ people even lived with doors and windows open. Think about today, in many places, especially in the U.S, the idea of living so exposed is beyond preposterous. People go decades living in the same home and hardly even know their neighbors, but it was the total opposite in past decades.

Such living conditions really diminished throughout the years. As technology became more advanced, times began to change. The mentality of people changed as well. With the increased ways to reach and communicate remotely with the world people became more enclosed and more protective of their privacy. The hackers, frauds and scam sure contributed to that. But what really has affected us has been the change on how we view interactions and how we favor internet distant relationships and disclosure and no longer that personal closeness and openness. But by doing so, aren’t people exposing themselves more for their privacy to be violated? Someone can’t ask others to be mindful of their privacy, if they themselves can’t do that on their own, or for those around them.


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author avatar Val Mills
8th Jan 2015 (#)

Privacy has definitely moved to a different level. Once it was finding space within the family, as you say. Now we open ourselves to the entire world then complain we have no privacy.

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author avatar Utah Jay
9th Jan 2015 (#)

I don't think we get much of any privacy if we have any of the modern toys...I-phones and such. One would almost have to move off of the grid to get anything that resembles privacy...Great article. Something people should think about.

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author avatar viewgreen
9th Jan 2015 (#)

Awesome article and it's really happen in today life's and privacy is like a taboo. Thank you for sharing this informative article.

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author avatar Retired
12th Jan 2015 (#)

Great article! It gives one something to think about regarding our privacy today. With the computer age and the fact that we have become more global we tend to let our privacy take a hit. It is hard to expect too much privacy in an internet world so be careful what you put out there.

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