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To achieve a good result, you will have to make a good score in your quizzes. It not only helps you to keep a good percentage but also adds to your preparation for the final exam. Moreover, teachers sometimes prefer to take pop quizzes because they always keep you on your toes

How to get a good score during a quiz

So, how can one prepare himself or herself for the quizzes? Well, to help you out, here are some quiz tips-

• First and foremost, study your subject matters thoroughly. For, multiple choice questions, underline the critical lines in your book.
• While giving the exam, read the questions and the options for the MCQs carefully. Often there are options which at first sight seem wrong but actually are right.
• When you are unsure about the correct answer, start by eliminating the wrong ones. This will help you to narrow down your options.
• Sometimes there might be options saying “All of the above”. Do not just neglect them. If you find there are two correct answers and two confusing ones, rather go the “All of the above” option. Because, definitely there can’t be two correct answers.

Now, if you are not prepared for the pop quiz you can use the following tips-

• In MCQs, look for two choices that are similar and select one of these. Do not go for choices that are totally different from each other.
• In true/false questions, statements containing words like absolutely, always, never are usually false. Statements containing words like may, may not, sometimes are usually true statements.
• For fill in the blanks questions, follow the context. Ignore grammatically incorrect answers.
• In case of essay questions, pick the best point to write about and stick with it.

Here are some common mistakes during a quiz-

• Students usually temporarily skip the tough questions to avoid wastage of time. There is no problem with it. But, problem arises when they forget to go back to those questions.
• Answering a question twice which makes both the answers incorrect.
• Committing mistakes while transferring answers from scratch papers.
• Circling the wrong MCQ answer.
• Failing to keep pace with time.


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