Preparing Older Children For The New Arrival

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About preparing older children for the arrival of a new baby into the family.


When you have a child they become a major focal point in your life. You make your decsions considering this little person. Your life revolves around them. But what occurs and changes when there is going to be another addition in the family? What should you expect from your other child? What should they expect from you? How will they react to the idea of another child in the family circle?

Here are some other suggestions and ideas on how to make this time more positive for everyone:

What to say to them.

Nine months is a long time to a child. It might be best to wait until you are about half way through your pregnancy before telling your child about the change that is going to take place in their little world. Ofcourse you will want to be age appropriate when you do decide to set down and explain this change in their life to them. You don't want to overwhelm them with alot of stuff they won't understand. Checking out some books or videos on the subject at the library can help you both. Just make it simple- You and your husband are going to have another baby and they are going to be a big sister or brother. It depends on the personality of your first born as to how they will respond to this news.

Taking them on a tour of the hospital and talking to them about the delivery, who will be taking care of their mother, what will happen when you bring the baby home, all will help eliminate any anxiety if there is any. Sitting for a friend or relative a few times can help your child understand what will be involved in having another child around. It really all depends on how your child reacts to the news.

Get them involved.

Let them help with the decision making. They might enjoy helping with decorating the nursery or buying clothes, toys, etc.

Get them a baby doll and let them do things with it that you will be doing with the new addition. Let them know this is "their" baby too and it's their job to help you take good care of the new addition.

Take them with you to doctors visits. If they have questions the doctor can answer them. They may want to experience the baby's growth too so being able to see a ultrasound imaging of the baby will help them to see the reality of it.

Talk about their feelings,

They are going to be sharing his parents’ time, attention and toys. Perhaps letting them choose what toys will be off limits to the new arrival will help them feel like they have a say in the proceedings. Be sure to prepare your child for the reality of it too. They may be feeling some anxiety and at their age unable to recognize it, verbalize about it or even know that is what it is. Taking them along for doctor's visits may help them. The doctor can answer some questions perhaps and also show the child the baby in the mother's stomach. This can get them excited for the new arrival and help it to be more of a reality.

Make sure they feel the love.

If they need to be moved to another room or area of the house be sure to do so as early in the pregnancy as possible so the child doesn't feel displaced by the new baby.

Do special things with them but make sure they understand how it will be when the new baby comes home. You will be tired and the new baby will take a lot of your time. Grandparents and other family members can take up some of the slack and give them some of their time so they don't feel alone or uncared for. But this should never be instead of some special time with you.

Make it as much the same for your child as you can. This helps them to be more comfortable with the idea. They should always be assured that there is no shift or change in the relationship the three of you have. There are always things they can help with and that can help them to feel more in control of their world. Helping you change the baby or giving it a bath makes them feel a part of it all.


Preparing Older Children For The New Arrival

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