Prenatal Vitamin Supplements

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Prenatal vitamins are supplements that pregnant women take on a daily basis to make sure that she is getting the right quantities of essential vitamins and minerals during the nine months pregnancy

Prenatal Vitamin Supplements

Prenatal vitamins are supplements that pregnant women take on a daily basis to make sure that she is getting the right quantities of essential vitamins and minerals during the nine months pregnancy. It is important that pregnant women discuss with their physicians which prenatal vitamin supplements she should take and the ones that need to be avoided. Prenatal vitamin supplements should only be taken under the recommendation of the physician, in this case the gynecologist. This is because there are some prenatal vitamin supplements which are dangerous for the pregnant mother.

One of the most important points to think about when deciding if the pregnant mother needs prenatal vitamin supplement is whether the additional supplement is beneficial to either the mother or the baby or both. Majority of pregnant mothers do not really need any additional supplements as they are receiving sufficient nutrients from their prenatal diet. However there are some women who may need additional prenatal supplements like folic acid and iron. However it is important to ensure that the prenatal vitamin supplement taken to provide one nutrient does not have potentially harmful effects of another.

One of the more toxic types of prenatal vitamin that a pregnant mother has to be cautious about is Vitamin A. For this purpose, the most suitable prenatal vitamin for expectant mothers who need extra vitamin A is those that have vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is a nutrient found in vegetables and fruits. It is then converted to vitamin A in the body. Prenatal vitamin supplements that artificial created vitamin A from animal by-products can cause birth deformities when taken during pregnancy. Vitamin A from beta-carotene and converted in the body is harmless even if consume in high doses.

It is important for a pregnant woman to discuss prenatal vitamin supplements with her gynecologist during the first prenatal observation. The doctor can examine the pregnancy meal plan and assess he current and future requirements to see if prenatal vitamin supplements is recommended. Usually the physician will recommend a dose of folic acid during the woman’s first trimester of her pregnancy. Folic acid is also taken by woman wanting to get pregnant as it helps the sperm to hang on to the womb. Besides that folic acid is an essential supplement for the growth and health of the developing baby. Another prenatal supplement that is often prescribed by physicians to expecting mothers is Iron. This supplement will prevent the mother from being anemia due to the demands the baby has on the mothers’ iron consumption.


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