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Pregnancy means proper precaution for the baby and the mother,total care has to be taken of the mother and bed rest required as much as possible........

I Want To See The World And I Will Be Out Soon.....

In this world we have many pregnant women going to work and some taking proper bed rest at home,

While we have the differences between pregnant women.Not all are fortunate to be at home.We have some pregnant woman who have to run their house and the whole house is dependant on them,if they take a leave or so their salary will get cut which will effect their house,their whole month grocery is dependant on the salary.They have to work full 8 months after pregnancy and the last month at the time of delivery they take a leave that too results in cutting of salary,they got to take care of their kids too at the same time.The husbands also give a helping hand if he is working or if he is alone in that house.If he does not help her then maybe she has to take care of herself alone which is difficult and bed rest is required for her but that too if it is in her luck besides slogging her whole life................

We have people who can afford their wives the whole nine months to stay in the house with their inlaws and the husband working alone if he is having a big post and can take care of the house very well.Now during this time the lady who is pregnant should take good bed rest and should exercise too if she is in the house without a job or sitting idle because her body should move a bit like some sort of exercise maybe in the evening or morning for the mother and the baby,should eat proper food and not junk food which is not good for the baby,because the food eaten is eaten by both the baby and the mother so proper precaution has to be taken even though you eat lavishly and sit in front of the television.All bad habbits should be stopped immediately specially smoking,drinking alcoholic drinks and avoid taking any type of medicines without doctors permission.......

Sometimes the television sound is not good for the baby if its too loud the sound should be at a moderate level so that it does not disturb the baby in the womb.Not all are fortunate to have a life like this because the poor lady who is pregnant works all day long so even if she delivers she will deliver a good strong baby and the rich who lazes around doing nothing sitting in the house the whole day without any exercise and watching tv or hearing music will definitely get some complications while delivering the baby since life is easy for her without hard work and when she takes things lightly in regardless of the baby then problems will arise for sure......

Therefore proper family planning and total precaution has to be taken while delivering a baby,the husbands and the inlaws should support her totally during pregnancy because most of the houses have problems whether its related to her inlaws or husband.Fights and arguements are always there but when she is pregnant please take good care of her avoid all your fights and arguements at that time give her a good time during these 9 months of pregnancy and the one who is pregnant also should not argue much during this time then give her what she feels like to eat and be good to her specially the husbands and then the inlaws.If proper care is taken then god will bless you with a loving and a beautiful baby........

If there is a situation in the hospital,pray and pray to god everything will be fine specially the mothers don't loose hopes the nine months when you took care of the baby god was with you and will be at the time of delivery.......

Remember alls well ends well patience is all required during the whole process.......Hope you liked my article on pregnancy.......

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author avatar P.D. Padmasiri
5th Sep 2011 (#)

Lovely, inspiring and most informative article, especially for our pregnant mothers whose only wish is to see the face of their precious child. Thanks for sharing and best regards, Clayton

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author avatar clayton
5th Sep 2011 (#)

most welcome....

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author avatar Retired
5th Sep 2011 (#)

mate a huge lot of information here thanks

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