Prayer is an addiction?

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There may be lot of things happenings in daily life, some people are chanting day and night. Some may take bath several times when they feel they are touched some dirty thing.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

It's normal to hear individuals say that they have an OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), yet in spite of the fact that the expression is utilized coolly, an impulse can genuinely hamper consistently working.

While washing hands a few times each day or locking the entryway again and again are the most well-known sorts of impulses, there are numerous others that are noticeably eccentric.

Vivek Benegal, teacher of psychiatry and head of habitat for enslavement pharmaceutical at Nimhans, clarifies that anything that influences the prize pathway of mind and provides for them one a feeling of high could be termed as a fixation. "Some individuals are inclined to advancing a compulsion and might be dependent on a few things as soon as possible. The substance is not significant; it is simply that rehashed utilization of that substance satisfies some necessity," says Vivek, who says he has seen individuals who are dependent on getting chomped by snakes. "At that point there are other people who are dependent on bungee bouncing and other such enterprise games," includes Vivek.

Being dependent on supplicating may appear irregular, yet therapist Dr Shobha Krishna says that it is very normal. "When somebody gets a terrible thought, they immediately expect that something is set to happen. This causes so much trouble that the influenced individual feels that the main way he/she can adapt to it is with petition to God. Such an individual may ask a few times each day, which hampers their ordinary exercises," she says. Shobha has likewise had patients who are dependent on drinking water and the individuals who can't quit hauling out their hair, to such an extent that they begin going uncovered. "It is curious for anybody to drink more than three litres of water a day. Some individuals feel that their throat becomes scarce the minute they quit drinking water; the exact sight of water makes them need to drink," she says, including, "People who have an enthusiastic propensity of pulling their hair don't even understand that they are doing this. Numerous advance uncovered fixes and cull out all the hair from their eyebrows and eyelashes. Indeed in this state, they may decline to look for assistance. This is very regular in adolescents."

The Brahmin custom of madi — where ladies can't ask or cook until they have had a shower — has had a bizarre impact on some elderly ladies. "There are some ladies who are so fixated on being "unadulterated" that they wind up using the whole day in the bathroom. They clean up and when they touch the tap, they feel grimy once more, so they scrub down. Once more, at the closure of the shower, they will touch something and feel messy. This can go on throughout the day," she says.


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