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Possessiveness is not a good habit and we must avoid it. It have the ability to create a lot of unwanted problems between us and our beloved ones.


Jealousy in love is also called possessiveness, some person don't have the ability to see their lover is talking with other boy/girl. They will argue a lot with their beloved one for their activity. This kind of thing is possessiveness or jealous in love. There is nothing wrong if it is in limited sort. If it beyond the limit, then a lot of problem will arise between the beloved persons.

Some times too much of possessiveness have the ability to break the relationship, so we must avoid it. One of my friend has a beautiful lover, she is a jovial girl and move with other guys easily. But my friend don't have the ability to tolerate it. He always advised her to give up this habit. But she don't have the ability for this, since she is a social girl from her childhood.

One day she is talking with a handsome guy in a coffee shop. My friend and me went there to take coffee, my friend saw his lover with another guy, he don't have the ability to tolerate it and went near to them and blamed a lot his lover for her activity, also he blamed that guy, as a result his lover keep distance from him. After this incident she avoided him fully and he lost his love.

Trust is very important in love, now a days it is quite common to move with opposite gender person and it is a necessity too, don't be possessive or jealous with your lover for this kind of incidents, it will give you negative results like this. Love is like a glass particle, which must be handled with a lot of care.

Possessiveness is not a good habit and we must avoid it. It have the ability to create a lot of unwanted problems between us and our beloved ones. The possessiveness between the husband and wife will create a lot of unwanted quarrels and fights between them and reduce the peace in a family. Mostly women's are very possessive about their man and they never want to share him with any other. This activity is not a bad thing and it is good until in a certain limit.

If the possessiveness is over and turns as over possess, surely it have the ability to broke the relationship. Over possessiveness is the main reason for a lot of unhappy married life. So never be over possessive with your partner. Every thing is good when it is beyond the limit. Avoid possessiveness and get a lot of happiness in your married life.


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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
13th Mar 2012 (#)

very interesting piece..thank you

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author avatar jotomy
14th Mar 2012 (#)

possessiveness is not good. It may lead to many health problems.

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