Positive Thinking is the start, but it comes down to the power of Positive Living

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The most simple thing we can do is be healthy, and if we are not, we can heal. Sure, positive thinking is a good start. But deep-level positive living is where it ends at all levels.

We all deal with life, we are all here:

A few hours before I wrote this article, I had a long talk with my Mom. I will not call it an argument. It ultimately went in a good way. I mean, we got a lot out into the open air that would have otherwise remained inside. It ended positively is also what I am saying.

To bemoan the past and fear the future, and not live in the present is never productive in any way. That is what I mean by we all deal with life and we are all here. At best, the now is where the power is. On that, I quote old John Bunyan writer of "The Pilgrim's Progress": "There are two days I keep free of worry, tomorrow and yesterday." I fully understand that viewpoint, because all I worry about (pretty much, I am not perfect though...) is today and what is happening now, the rest, even if I do not want to let it go at the time, I do usually. Let me put it this way: I deal with life, I am all here. I am not perfect or even striving to be, but I am always doing the best that I can with creativity and realistic thinking and action.

You really die when you are not present. When you are not here for life, life is not here for you. That applies to me too, which is why I always strive to be present and realistic. Perfection in the future and the past is for suckers. But if you get now right, you are all right.

Stay healthy or heal yourself if you are not.

What is sanity? I have a simple and succinct answer for that: Good mental health, right thinking and ultimately right action. Without sanity, you are in a bad situation, a very bad situation. George Gurdjieff's dying words were "I have left you in a fine mess." Well, that is what I think he meant, the people he left in his path were not present at the moment or at many moments. I know that presence to function in the now is genuine sanity and the "mess" is when you are fully not present to life and reality.

The ultimate disease is living in the concrete past or really bad future. "Could have, should have, would have" is a worse disease than cancer or AIDS, because, you feel guilty, and guilt of any sort is worse than any bodily disease at the time it is happening, sure it is reversible, do not get me wrong, but it is worse. Fear of the future trumps even that though because of its irrationality of fearing something that has not even happened.

So, in this part of this section, we will get into solutions, and i will start with a simple one: Be present now. Then the second solution: Remember yourself genuinely, and be present for yourself.

I will end with a little anecdote: I remember actor and superstar Ben Vereen, when he became present and fully there, he became more famous and alive in talent than ever. Compare "Roots" and "All That Jazz" to his recent versions of "Pippin" and his interviews on The Tavis Smiley Show and stuff like that. If you see what being there is compared to not being completely there, you get my point. Life is as good as we are here for it now.


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author avatar Deepizzaguy
24th Jul 2015 (#)

As the saying goes "Act on your knowledge." Excellent article and great advice.

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author avatar brendamarie
5th Aug 2015 (#)

great article!!!

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