Police dancing at a marriage function and showering money at the dancer - right or wrong?

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This is confusing and confounding. Legally, it is not wrong, morally it just might be.

Were there lewd gestures?

Not really. But the number may have had lewd suggestions. There are a lot of Hindi and regional songs these days that are extremely suggestive.

Having said that nobody really thinks about the words. It is more of dancing to the beat.

Showering notes

It has an implication. Traditionally, such notes were showered on "mujra" dancers, who were the front face for some of the houses of prostitutes. The idea was to lure the customer with dance and music, and then display merchandise. Some of those dancers too were involved in prostitution.


The reason the dancing may be considered objectionable is that the policeman showered notes. There have been controversies regarding bar dancers. The police forces know of it. These bar dancers are objected to in conservative parts of the country. If a person knows there have been issues regarding a topic, surely he or she does not indulge in it, especially if he or she is a law keeper. That is where it went wrong.

Dancing per se, is not wrong whether the person is on duty or not

Dancing is not something that numbs people's senses unlike alcohol or other intoxicating stuff. Therefore, if the policeman had only danced, for a couple of minutes, it would be still ok even if he was in uniform. But showering money on the dancer, in the name of culture did not go down too well with me. It is an indirect indications to those who are fighting the case against bar dancers that we are not with you, we are with the bar dancers. That should not be the message coming out directly or indirectly from the police force.


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