Poems Can Help Children Develop Strength, Dignity and Self-esteem

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Helping children read and write encouraging, motivating and enlightening poems can strengthen their self-esteem and self-confidence in life. Provide numerous opportunities and experiences for children to experience the unique empowerment of poetry, poems, the art of becoming a poet! Poems rock!

Poems- Why Read Them?

Have you ever sat down, put your thoughts on paper or on the computer. Often those words become apart of a form of expressive writing. Many of us take pride in the penning of those words which are very meaningful to others. There are some poems tat are private while others are freely displayed publicly. Some are meant for laughter, tears, memories, fun and comfort to the soul. Some of us may enjoy writing poetry, while others may just enjoy poetry written by others. Sometimes it is such a precious joy to find a poem that someone wrote that describes and/or conquers the internal thoughts that you may be thinking. So reading poetry is just as valuable as writing your own. Regardless ow which style you may choose, enjoy them! Poetry is real!

Poems- Why Write Them

Writing poetry brings many valuable experiences in the lives of of many people. The process of this becoming a poet is only a step away. Just have an idea, thought or idea of how to put a combination of word together. These magical words can come to like in a matter of a minutes. ready, set go- WRITE!

Writing poetry can change your whole life. Sometimes there may not be the people needed to help guide you on the pathway that you need to go. Sometimes there is no one there, but your poetry book, paper, pencil, pen, a computer or iPad- and then you can build upon a model- writing a poem of life can help take you a long way on this lonesome journey called life- so-- Write your own poems!

Poems that Encourage!

There comes a time in each of our lives when hearing a few words that can encourage one to make another step, we step. Remember a time when you had some doubts about whether the actions that needed to occur, would actually occur? Remember a time when you weren't sure if a decision that you had to make was really the one that should be made or not? Remember the time when you wanted to turn right, but your heart kept telling you to turn left? Remember the time when you had to make a decision about whether to take a job or to go on to college? Remember the time when you had to make a speech and you weren't sure if you could successfully deliver to the people in the audience?

Then along came some people who encouraged you to go on and take the big step. Sometimes we let doubt get in the way of the movement that we had to make. But someone came along and encouraged us to "Step out of the box." We were encouraged to try something new, different or unique. After all, when it all was over, the situation proved to be beyond successful! Stay encouraged, even when you may have to encourage yourself- sometimes there may not be someone else there to do it for you!

E- everyday, make a special effort to
N- naturally involve yourself with one or two
C- coming together for the good of the cause
O- often leaving those who may not know when to pause
U- use good common and wise sense of worth
R- remembering to say those things that encourage purpoth
A- always bending to make life a step brighter
G- gaining the strength to help someone become a fighter
E- N-C-O-U-R-A-G-E-----------Encourage!

Poems that Inspire!

Each of us appreciate and like when we are inspired by others. It is not everyday that we are inspired to go an extra mile of the way!

But as we are stepping out on faith, we realize how important inspiration is to our reaching life's goals. Inspiration can help push us that last mile when we get on the path and can not see the end- we often want to turn around, go back or give up. But inspiration helps us to struggle on a little further. When our legs are weary, it pushes us closer to the finish line. When our minds are groggy, foggy and cloudy, it clears up the head and mind so that we can see a little further down the road.

But as we are inspired to move on- we strive to stay motivated to hold on to what keeps us inspired and keep on pushing onward!

I- I like to imagine
N- Never missing the novelty
S- seeming to know the laws of poverty
P- passing on hope of pattern
I- I like to inspire
R- Really lighting a fire
E- Every step is to I-N-S-P-I-R-E-----Inspire!

Poems that Motivate!

Getting started on doing something that seems to be far away from within reach, gives one the drive to reach the impossible! There is something called motivation. Motivation gives us the drive to get up and go! Get up and go because it will help you to hold on to those things that cause one to become successful in life. Hold on to those things that make us strive for the betterment of life! Hold on to those things that help us to aim for higher goals and to reach them to- Hold on to those things that are going to cause us to reach out to others to help make this world a better place for all!

M- mama said go for it
O- opportunity said go for it
T- talent said go for it
I- imagination said go for it
V- victory said go for it
A- admiration said go for it
T- time said go for it
E- enjoyment said go for it- Motivated to M-O-T-I-V-A-T-E----motivate!

Poems that Empower!

Growing and doing well with what we hope to accomplish in life can be a challenge. Learning how to achieve and accomplish goals can make life brighter for so many! There is a word called, "empowerment" that is being used by so many today. This word has granted many the opportunities and the will to succeed at whatever they were striving to do. We all need to feel empowered to do what needs to be done. There is nothing worst than feeling or being de-powered. We must stand up and be counted. We must stand up and make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. We must stand up and speak up for what is right, and against some of the injustices in life! Be empowered!

E- every day make a new step
M- move from one place to a new step
P- put one foot in front of the other for a new step
O- oh, move on over for a new step
W- wow- got to move on over for this step
E- each time try a different step
R- reach out to others to join the step- E-M-P-O-W-E-R----Empower!

Poems that Strengthen the Soul!

Ever felt down and seemed like it was deep down in the soul? Ever wondered what it would take to help you get back up and start all over again? Ever wonder how life would deal with us when it seems like we are dealt a soft blow? Will we be able to get back up and feel the strength that we need deep down in the soul?
Yes, we can! We must get back up and become a "soul strengthener."

S- Strong
T Ties
R Rearing
E Everywhere
N Noting
G Gigantic
T Timeless
H Happiness
Strengthen the Soul!


Poems that Strengthen the Spirit!

Now I wasn't sure that I always knew what mama and all of the relatives when they were always talking about keeping a strong spirit. What is a spirit? What is a strong spirit? Is it something that everyone has or only special people are blessed to have this?

Then if we all have one, how is it that we can be held accountable to cautiously take care of our spirit and not let the struggles of life weaken our spirits?

S- Strengthen the-spirit

T- Take the time to-help

R- Reach out to others-spirit

E- Take the time to enrich with-help

N- Now keep abreast of the-spirit

G- Grow with others- but surely-help

T- Try the spirit- by the spirit- spirit

H- Help meet the needs of others- help

E- Enrich life's journey with loving- spirit

N- Nominate yourself as one of life's helpers- help

S- Spirit

P- Power

I- Interests

R- Respect

I- Individuality

T- Tenacity!

Strengthen the Spirit!

Poems that Strengthen Relationships!

Each day of our lives, we find ourselves having to become involved in relationships. There are all kinds of relationships. Many of them are very positive, but then somehow we come across some that are not so. But as we are certain to meet people from all walks of life, how is it that we learn to decipher behaviors, actions, expectations or perceptions about those who may need to not become a part of any involved relationships with us. Knowing this we do realize that there are many who will become involved in relationships with us that are short-term, short-lived, temporary and just through passing by.
























Poems that Guide the Mind!

There is an old saying by the United Negro College Fund, a nationally recognized group that helps seek funding for students who choose to attend historically black colleges and universities in the United States. This saying, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste," is penned everywhere trying to encourage students of all races, cultures and backgrounds to go on and further their education. For it is simply unwise to idle life away and allow the mind to become idle. If so, then many of us will have allowed our great minds to become a terrible waste and therefore useless to the betterment of man/womankind and society.

M- Mighty, mighty, mighty mind!

I- ideal, ideal, ideal, ideal mind!

N- novel, novel, novel, novel mind!

D- dynamic, dynamic, dynamic mind!

Mighty, ideal, novel and dynamic MIND!

Poems that Guide Our Thoughts!

Now, some of us remember grandparents saying, "child do something with that wandering mind. Do not allow your mind to be overtaken by negative thoughts." As we were growing up, we were taught about the value and the entailed blessings that go along with having a good, strong mind.

Our minds need to b challenged, open, and willing to receive information that can enhance our brain development. In the last ten years, more and more research is being released on the development of the brain of infants and toddlers. All evidence points to the importance of knowing and understanding that those first few years of life for a young child are indescribable as to what happens with the brain and mind! We can make a difference by providing many opportunities for the mind and brain to grow and develop to maximum capacities!

T- Time is an important part of

H- How we begin to employ the basics

O- Of the never-ending journey of life

U- Using every energy from our bodies

G- Going to the doorway of guidance

H- Heading through the double doors

T- Time of one door

S- Sentiments of the other door!

Our Thoughts are important!

Poems that Teach Love!

Love, love, love, love is everywhere! How is that any of us think that we can go through this life without loving someone and something? Now, when we live our lives there are some people who helped to make our lives brighter. It all often starts with the birth of the child and how that child is treated in the younger years. Love is taught right before birth with the treatment of the child prenatally. While a fetus or a newborn baby can not talk, it's signs of hope that it will receive love are among the early nonverbal requests in life.

So love begins at a very easy stage in life- and those of us who are involved in the lives of others are responsible for helping with the assurance that love is taught. Some people think that love is a natural occurrence while others share that it must be taught like everything else that is positive in life!

T- take a moment out of your life

E- even out the time to give

A- act upon the birthright of joy

C- come unite with the gift of life

H- help to train one who comes to innocence

I- inspire the young heart to learn

N- navigate the spirit of love

G- giving of one's inner-self of




E- E

Love today and forever! Love one another!

Poems that Teach Patience!

What exactly is patience. I heard that patience is a virtue. Then if patience is a virtue, impatience must be a negative characteristic that can negatively impact our lives. All of us have experienced a time when we wanted something to happen and wanted it to happen right then! Well, when we realized that it was not gong to happen right then, we stepped back to check the situation over only to find out that we needed to wait. Why wait? Because waiting was the answer in the situation of the time. What was the rush? Not sure, just wanted it to happen right then. But really, did it make a difference if it did happen then or maybe later? Oh well, some might call it impulsivity- that is just impulsive behaviors that certainly don't always come with any explanations! Sometimes we realize how foolish we look by just rushing things that do not need to be done right now. Many experts in various fields of study will share willingly with others how important it was for them to study, research and find out the best answers rather than jumping to conclusions. Just like today, we are truly looking toward the day and time when there will or shall be a real cure for cancer. We would like it to happen now, but researchers know that it takes some long, hard and serious study in order to "put a sealing cap" on this illness.

T-tell yourself

E- everyday of life

A- actions do count

C- control helps development

H- hold on not letting go

I-- information helps with meekness

N- natural instincts envelope patience

G- go slowly for slowly goes

P- patience is a virtue

A- atience

T- tience

I- ience

E- ence

N- nce

C- ce


Keep patience in your heart everyday! Patience will take you a long way in life!

Poems that Teach Sharing!

When we were very young children, it was a natural family teaching that with all six of us children, we had to share. We didn't always have enough for everyone to have their own things, their own spot, our own beds or rooms. There were some things that were just a part of life and of course there were no questions. I always slept with my older sister, who said I slept so "bad", pulling all of the cover, and body half way over the whole bed, leaving her only a little sleeping room. Well after all, I was younger and how could I know what I was doing when I was sleep. Besides she couldn't kick me out of the bed because where would she sleep or should I say where would I sleep?

Family Sharing

Your bed, my bed,
Your chair, my chair
Our bed, my bed.
Our chair, my chair.

In this family, all of it is ours.
It's ours because we know how to share.
It's ours because we know how to care.
It's our because we argue not out of fear.
We were taught that each other's burdens
we each must bear.

My toys, your toys.
My games, your games.
Our toys, my toys
Our games, my games.
They are all ours because we care,
We care because we know how to share!

Poems that Teach Caring!

Can't imagine what life would be like if I didn't care. It is so sad if people are walking around and not caring about themselves or others. Each of us should have the desire to care and care that our sisters and brothers all over the world will have a chance at life's inalienable rights. How dare we take anything for granted in life? Nothing in life is really promised to us. But we are just blessed by the grace of God to be where we are in hopes of having a happy life.


C- is for the coming together to develop a common bond of sharing
A- is for always being willing to help someone else who may down
R- is for righteousness and having the heart to do the right thing- caring
I- is for the ingenuity that we are blessed with- using it to help change a frown.
N- is for the natural born instinct to care by being able to help one another bearing.
G- is for going that extra mile of the way to give back to others- by caring, caring, caring!

Poems that Build Strength!

Ever had a time when it looks like you thought you were stronger than you really are. Well, when I lost my sister a few years ago, I thought my strength was centered around the love that was in my heart for her. I found out that the love in my heart was separate from the strength of endurance. So I had to find an inner strength and peace to help guide me throughout this time of loss!

Building Strength When the Heart Loves

Some say it's the love in the heart that controls one's peace of mind,
Some say it's the love in the heart that determines where you draw the line,
Been walking around with love in my heart for this young man for a long time,
But only found out that the more love in my heart, could weaken my bond,
Wow, I've got to get my heart to match up with this strength, unless I'll lose the touch.

Now, it takes time and experience to learn what to do and how to do--
See the heart is a very serious matter that has to be dealt with much a-due!
Can't afford to let you break down the main artery of love only granted by God-
So please step aside if you're not in love with loving others and strengthening the rod.

For my rod is all that I have because the bible says, "use what you've got."
Moses used the rod of strength
Moses used the rod of love
Moses used the rod of peace
Moses used the rod of winning!

So my rod to you is the rod of strength- let's build it together!

Poems that Strengthen Our Lives!

There have been days when we wake up to life- and it seems like life is handing us some sour lemons. These sour lemons didn't appear to have been coming our way. At least, we didn't think they were headed in our direction. Then we ask ourselves, but why? But why now, when I was just getting my life together! Okay, so why me, why didn't you choose to hand someone else those sour lemons! Well, I'll just take those sour lemons and make some lemonade, because sorrow is not going to weaken me!

Life Ain't Gonna Deal Me No Sour Lemons

Yesterday, I made a big step in my life,
Thought I had gotten all together- moving on
Then I woke up this morning with my life turned inside out-
Wait, no life ain't gonna deal me no sour lemons,
No, no, no, cause I've got too much victory to shout about!

I am looking for all of the strength that I can hold on to-
For I have been down that lane before -
I am not going back down that sorrow valley's door
No, no,no, no, cause I've got too much love to fall to the floor!

I've got my strength back now, so move on over out of the way,
You've got to find someone else with whose life to play,
I don't have time if you're not here to bring strength today,
No, no,no, no, no, cause I've got to keep strength in my way!

Poems that Rock!

Poems can be a rocking way of life for some of us. For when there are times that we may need to experience some brightness and hope in our lives, we find poetry as an answer.
There are many things that can rock in our lives, but being able to take out our diaries and recording a poem that makes things better proves that Poems Do Rock!

Poems Do Rock

Wondering what to do?
Wondering where to go?
Wondering what's next?
Wondering about so and so,
Stop, pick up your pen and paper--

Find out how poems can rock!
Poems rock with the sock of life!
Poems rock with the joys of life!
Poems rock when there is misery and strife!

Poems rock when we take time to rock
Poems rock when we take time to step
Poems rock when we take time to move
Poems rock when we take time to rock
rock, rock and rock to the groove of the groove!


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Thank you so much for your comment! Gracias!

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this 62 year old Grandmother who once dream of being a teacher, but
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Oh thank you to a special grandmother who is special and dear to so many families. I hope to write about grandmothers in one of my future articles. Thank you for your encouragement in writing and sharing with others. I hope to spread love, joy and peace so that others will have a bright life! Blessings to you!

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