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The fun which i used to get during rainy season when i was in my younger days were memorable to me.I also feel today's kids never kid these fun as most of today's kids like to stay indoor playing video games or watching movies etc

Fun in Rain

Playing in rain was very common for me when i was young. During those day's we were a large group of friends who used to play together daily in the evening times. Though during our holiday's, this playing time will extend too much and it was real fun to spend time like that. We were not even stopping during rainy days as playing in rain was much more fun in those day's. I still remember those day's when we used to get fully wet, but still would continue playing in rain. Some media people had even taken some photographs when we were busy playing in rain. Those photographs even appeared in a newspaper the next day and we were all really shocked to see our pictures in newspaper and i still have that newspaper with me as a fond remembrance.

Staying Indoors Today

Though i feel today's kids don't seem to enjoy as we used to do in our days and the main reason for this may be due to the kids getting more attracted towards indoor games or even spending time on internet. The day's of playing outdoor games are drastically reducing these day's which is really bad as the amount of physical exercise one used to get those day's are minimized by indoor now. There is also a feeling that kids are more sensitive these days than of olden day's as there are many kids getting frequent fever, cold etc just by a single exposure to rain and more over even their parents are not letting their kids play in rain. I never said to carry an umbrella those days' as it was just irritating for me. I was very much enjoying getting drenched every time it rains.

Enjoy the Rain

Rain is a natural thing and i always feel that one should enjoy rain tot he maximum and the fun we get in feeling the rain is beyond imagination. There is fun in everything we do in rain. We can go for a walk in beach side when it is just drizzling, we can play when it is raining, we can have lots of fun during these rainy days which can only be felt when you experience it as you cannot feel the fun by just reading the text here. There are some places in this world which doesn't get more rain at all and the people living here are just dyeing to get the feeling of rain and there are other places where there is heavy rain and people doesn't want to enjoy rain ! just for a change, see if you can enjoy the rain by doing all funny things as mentioned here


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