Plant Your Medicine In The Kitchen!

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Fresh herbs and exotic spices have been proven now to prevent and even cure the illnesses that the civilized human being is plagued with. Quietly people are changing to a healthier lifestyle, they buy organic or biodynamic food (or grow their own) and even go out to forage some wild herbs like the little dandelion. It's not a revolution, it's getting engaged on a personal basis. Let me share with you what I and many of my friends now do to successfully live "the healthy way":

The Kitchen Herb Garden

Having lived with fresh herbs in my kitchen, on the terrace and in my garden for all my life, I didn't realize that it might be quite a challenge for a city person to get started. And if one's never cared for plants before, then maybe even the first step to health might not be taken for fear of failure. There is no failure with plants. We can always buy new plants or buy more seeds and start again. So if you want to start right now, take this little guide, get all enthusiastic about your little green herby friends and head to the garden center (or the neighbor with the green thumbs who will be delighted to help!) with this little shopping list:

  • small watering can
  • 1 or 2 plant boxes with tray for window sill
  • a small bag of good soil
  • 3 small flower pots (for later)
  • a small bottle of liquid guano (use as directed)
  • a pot of parsley
  • a pot of chives
  • a pot with a small rosemary plant
  • a pot with a small thyme plant
  • a pot with a small sage plant
  • a small booklet about growing herbs

That's all you need to plant into your window sill plant boxes and if you can, choose a window that's facing East where the sun rises, plants love especially the morning sun!

And when you've planted your new green friends, then just cut a little bit of each to add it finely chopped to your soups and salads. I even like to simply make a slice of good wholemeal bread with butter and some freshly chopped herbs on it. Lovely!

Carry on watering your herbs every few days and once a month use a bit of the liquid guano added to the water to give them good, natural nutrition.

Should one plant be "spent" or maybe one has died, then simply buy another one of the same sort to replace it.

One weekend you may also wish to go out with a little flower pot and look for a dandelion in the fields. Dandelions can be found almost everywhere (some neighbors will be delighted if you help them get rid of their dandelions!), so get at least one dandelion plant into a flower pot and carry it back into your kitchen. Young dandelion leaves chopped finely are delicious on salad, older leaves can be chopped and added to soup, there is nothing better you can do for your health!

And when you feel comfortable with the above, then you might head for the garden center again and buy a few seed packets. Meanwhile, you've maybe already organized a small table where you can grow more herbs and any herbs left over you can either plant on your balcony or terrace or give them to a friendly neighbor. Sharing health is one of the nicest things we can do!

The Kitchen Spices

Lately the internet is full of praise for the spice turmeric, also called curcuma, which seems to be able to heal cancer. It can certainly prevent cancer and any other illnesses if you add this fine yellow powder to your soups. Turmeric is also an ingredient in curry powder and I always feel especially good when I had a dish with some curry powder added to it.

Each and every spice has healing properties, look them up on the internet. You have to look it up yourself, you can look it up yourself and when you know all about them and use them in your home cooked meals, you will benefit enormously!

So put a small spice rack onto your shopping list and fill it with turmeric, curry powder, paprika, dill, ground cinnamon, ground ginger and chili or cayenne powder if you like it hot!

Cook from scratch with love

Oh, you are not used to cooking food from scratch? Well, we just have to! We need to buy the organic and fresh fruits and vegetables (Farmer's Markets) and somehow make them into appealing dishes. Ready made junk food just doesn't benefit the body at all and only makes the body fat and sick. That is the truth, whether we like it or not.

There are many good cookery courses online or you book one for a few weekends to learn the basics. As always, you have to personally get involved and get enthusiastic about your new healthy lifestyle! If your issue is time, then you have to get re-organized to find time for your health. It stands to reason, whatever we do on a regular basis, we get good at it! The same applies to working for our health. And do add a smile and a bit of love to cooking your dishes, it is proven that meals cooked with love are even more beneficial for the body.

Tip: Remember the traffic light when cooking: Add a little bit of "red", more of the "yellow" and lots and lots of "green" and your dishes will always be delicious and healthy!

Here's a little video to get you started:

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Last words

I admit it here probably for the first time. In the past most people ridiculed me and laughed about my healthy eating habits, called me "sandalist" and "mother earth". It did hurt at times and for some time I was certainly a bit bitter about the subject. But I'm 57 and healthy now and my friends are sick and dying. I still try to help them, but they prefer the pain. All I can do is pray. Pray that people will recognize the truth one by one: Health comes from the kitchen if we choose our food, herbs and spices wisely!

Thanks for calling in!


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author avatar Judy
7th Jul 2012 (#)

Love your blog! I take turmeric daily and have written extensively about it and many other herbs. I also eat dandelion greens and offer you my herbal photos if you want. Please just link back to my blog and borrow to your heart's content. I, too am on a mission to share nature's bounty. Blessings, Judy!!

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author avatar snerfu
7th Dec 2015 (#)

Sure, there is nothing else to make the curry delicious. Trust me, my mother always adds turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, garlic and pepper as needed. And I love those dishes. Nice reading about it though Chrysolite.

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author avatar chrysolite
7th Dec 2015 (#)

Thank you, snerfu! I never cook a meal without at least some spices and some fresh herbs from my kitchen garden. It makes all the difference to the taste and will keep us in good health!

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