Pilate stood in chains in the temple of the gods...

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What really happened to Pilate; was his wife's prophecy true...

Pilate stood in chains in the temple of the gods

Pilate stood in chains in the temple of the gods, in the presence of all the senate, and with all the officers, and all the multitudes of his power.
Caesar, seething with indignation and hatred, ordered a badly beaten Pilate forward. “Why have you, O most impious, dared to kill this Jesus, having seen the great the miracles he did? He was loved by millions and healed hundreds of thousands, by doing this great evil; you’ve caused billions in damage to Rome. Tell me, what kind of stupid are you?”
Pilate cleared his throat, fighting for his life: Procla was so right. “O almighty Caesar, I am innocent; they forced my hand because he claimed to be a king. I even washed my hands for the public record. Jesus was the same that Herod the Great tried to kill, and you elevated him for attempting to kill this very man I stand accused of killing. Is that fair? ”
“And who are they,” Caesar interrupted coldly ignoring his question.
“Archelaus, Nathaniel, Philip, Annas, and Caiaphas, and all the Sanhedrin forced my hand.”
Caesar learned forward. “For what reason did you follow their counsel?”
“Their nation is rebellious and doesn’t submit to thy power…”
Jumping from his seat, Caesar cut him off coldly, his voice dripping bitter disappointment, “When they delivered Jesus to thee, you should have made him secure and sent him to me. As my governor, I don’t expect you to obey a bunch a Jews in crucifying anyone, especially this one!
“What is stinking wrong with you?” Caesar bellowed. “There has never been anyone in history like this man – even if only one percent of it is true, then he was a God!”
Pilate swallowed hard as all hope fluttered and died – they’d never be a happy ending to this. He forced himself to raise his head and look into Caesar’s eyes. He took a deep breath born of black despair.
“I say again, because Jesus wrought miracles and was innocent, I did not wish to crucify him: and since his accusers said he calls himself a king and threatened me with the law – I thought I had no choice.”
Pilate shook his head not pleased. “Who was the man before thee that was crucified by the men of Palestine? If the many demanded this righteously, why didn’t you consent to their righteousness? And if they demanded this unrighteously, how did you transgress common law and command what was far from righteousness?
“Because you murdered Jesus, hundreds of temples were destroyed – don’t you call that a miracle. Who’s ever heard of selective earthquakes? Because of this, I am persuaded the man you murdered was greater than all the gods we worship - to still have the power to destroy hundreds of buildings this while he was dying.
“My gods, this man caused the sun to darken, and the astrologers cannot explain it! Imagine that kind of power in the hands of Rome; imagine what we could have learned! I would have made him Caesar and been his servant, and our race would be unconquerable and rule this stinking world – Imagine if his children inherited his power; he was one of a kind, worth more to Rome than every stinking body breathing in this city – including me!”
Caesar’s wrath resounded off the massive stone walls, “Tell me fucking again why you murdered him!”
Pilate swallowed hard trembling with fear, “Forgive me Caesar, but his disciples flourished, not belying their master by their behavior and continence. Had I not feared sedition might arise among the people, perhaps this man would still be among the living. You know Palestine is difficult to govern…”
Pilate shifted on his throne. “So tell me again so I can understand, if you weren’t ignorant of his works and miracles. I’ve read the report of your own centurion and we have thousands of scrolls of documented healings – evidently, the man healed a quarter million people by simply speaking...
“Everything he did was public knowledge, not something that required any investigation – you’re a fool without excuse. Because you washed your hands, you think you’re innocent. Your insane dereliction of duty caused us to lose the most precious gift the gods ever gave us. And you’ve done this unthinkable malevolent against all mankind and robbed the world of the greatest man who has ever lived…”
His aide nodded, and Caesar turned and stormed out the temple followed by a large entourage of the royal court. The senate looked at Pilate with steely eyes, as the soldiers gripped Pilate and threw him into the dungeon, beating him along the way.
As he sat in the dungeon nursing his many wounds, Pilate sadly remembered when he robbed the temple and massacred those who complained. He remembered his acts of insolence, his insulting and cruel ways. He thought of all the men he sent men to their deaths, untried in any court, and those he tortured for no reason cruelly, and the Samaritans slaughtered on their holy mountain.
He held his head in his hands weeping bitterly, knowing he’d never see his wife again, knowing that he was an evil man with no respect for human life; the chickens had come home to roost.
The next day, Caesar ordered Albius to cut off Pilate's head; the prefect struck Pilate with the axe and his body was fastened to a great block of stone, and thrown into the Tiber River in dishonor.

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