Physical signs of Cheating Behaviors

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Is your partner having an affair? You may or may not know if he is. But you will know when you see the signs of cheating behaviors.

Change in behavior

I know you are here because you feel like your partner is having an affair. You feel like there is somebody else. You feel you are being cheated. I tell you, if your partner is having an affair, you will definitely know because his behavior will surely change. Is he still talking to you? Is he still sweet as before? Does he still kiss you goodnight? Is he always in a hurry? Is he holding his phone as often unlike before? Is he taking a bath longer than before? Is he always late on your dates? Or he is coming home late?

This is a very sensitive topic to talk about. Sometimes, we even cannot tell our doubts even to the closest friend we have. Perhaps this article might help you know the truth through the different signs of cheating behaviors.

Physical signs of cheating behavior

You know he is just a simple person who doesn't care if he has spray his perfume or not. Then suddenly he pay more attention on his looks, smell, hair, grooming. You may see him suddenly going to a shopping mall to buy for a new clothes when you know he only buys during a special occasion. He will pay more attention to his hygiene. Perhaps wearing a perfume that is out of his character. Some guys will definitely buy for an erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra. Why do you think suddenly he wants to buy medicines such as this if you know he is not sexually dysfunctional? Others abruptly buy condoms and pills for women. He has an unexplained discovery or loss of items like clothings, underwears, undershirts. You might notice him hiding his clothes or he wants to do the laundry to hide something. Or you might discover something in there. Did you see any stains in underwears? Sometimes, you see other partners get bored having sex when suddenly it increases or there is a longing to experiment.

He is working late

Your partner's regular work habits change. Before, he always see to it that he comes home on time. Now he is working late. He is going to work at odd hours. Sometimes at the middle of the night, or staying in the office until morning time.

Spending lots of time in front of his computer

Your partner will lock himself in a room. All alone claiming he is working on something. He will spend lots of time in front of his computer and he startled when you hold the mouse. He will suddenly presses and closes his work when you will go closer to him. That when you open his email account, suddenly their is a password change. Hey, is that normal? Hello....

Cell phones are more likely to be used by a cheating partner

Cell phones are more likely to be used by a cheating partner to carry on his affair. Is he receiving phone calls from a number that was not on your telephone directory or contacts? Or perhaps he saved it with a puzzled name like "bar" (he met from a bar), "36 inches" (her breast size is 36 inches), "behind" (he likes her behind), or "TDH" (tall, dark and handsome), "Mr. X" or "Ms. X". Those names are likely to be considered as warning signs.

So if you see all these signs then you should consider making a move.


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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
11th Feb 2013 (#)

No way to hide for those in the cheating mode now! Thanks for a well written post - siva

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author avatar The Elements
13th Feb 2013 (#)

thanks siva for dropping by

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
12th Feb 2013 (#)

Interesting and health stuff!

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author avatar The Elements
13th Feb 2013 (#)

hope this helps

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author avatar LOVERME
15th Feb 2013 (#)

humans alone have to and secretly cheat animals are open and free they have no we being from the animal kingdom inheret their genes but sciety lays norms unknowningly as those who do so are passed their teens they are prone to forget what life really means its all in ones genes we look at the other side of the hill mostly so darker and green till we reach the end but by then we all have been seen can't help the man made malady twill for ever be...

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author avatar LOVERME
16th Feb 2013 (#)

i knew i had read this article ...hence the quick brief above
As I had to go ..
left it as such later posted a poem do read it please and thanks too

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