People that shouldn't teach children

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A good teacher should pay attention to those pupils that are slower to understand and to learn, because it doesn't mean they are stupid and everyone of us has a right to be taught.

People that shouldn't teach children

I have read an awesome article by Carol Roach, telling us on how her teachers never paid attention to her when, in fact, she loved writing and would have liked them to read any of her essays and to show them to other teachers for appraisal.
Her article took me to recall my own experience when I was at school.
It goes like this.
I was in primary education school where I had one of worst teachers. I don't where she learned her teaching techniques, but they were far from being acceptable.
We were on fourth grade. This teacher had divided her pupils into three different groups - a first group was with pupils that had passed from the third grade to the fourth one. A second group were those who didn't qualify to go to the fifth grade and, therefore, they had to repeat it. Then, this teacher organized a so called third section where she included those who according to her view were the most awkward ones and here was I included with few more. Needless to say that she hardly ever paid attention to the ones in this third section except when she called us to tell her our lesson. We had to learned by heart what she had asked us to learn. Done this, she forgot about our existence in the classroom.
We left school and I never saw the ones who had been in the third section except for two of them. The three of us were avid readers of books and read everything that we could get hold on. One of them went to university to graduate in Medicine while the other and myself studied specialized courses.
I have always loved writing and like Carol I would have liked this teacher to say something on my daily essay, because everyday we had to bring in an essay on a given topic that everyone had to read aloud. When my turn to read arrive, she just called me to read. On finishing, she just called for the next to read. I never heard a word about my essays not even to know whether they were good or not and nor they were chosen for the board and the classroom joint notebook of essays. Were they really so bad?
Time rolled and I continued writing. I've been a freelance writer for a couple of local newspapers. I've taken part in writing competitions to be short listed in one of them.
Like Carol with her editor Bob, I was moved whenever a person that I didn't know at all called me up to praise one of articles in the newspaper. Such appreciation uplifts us in the hard work of writing and it makes feel that at least we are good at something.
And, then, I was one of those in the shameful third section in my fourth grade.

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30th Oct 2015 (#)

You're right - some teachers are in the wrong job!

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3rd Nov 2015 (#)

Interesting post!

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