Patience Is A Real Virtue

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Someone once said that patience is a virtue. What exactly is patience? Is it something we learn? Is it something that we inherit from our parents? Is it something that some people have and some don't? Is patience the answer to many of life's problems. What about impatience? How is it that some of us have become so impatient or should I say intolerable about what we are able to deal with? Can patience be taught to children? What about other countries and what they do about patience?

Patience- How About It?

One must first take a close look at patience and what it really means. It is being able to stand during times when we may be provoked, annoyed, in pain or coming across some type of misfortune, disbelief or shock. In order to demonstrate patience, one must be able to refrain from complaint, loss of temper, or becoming overly irritated.

Also becoming restless is another quality that helps determine whether we are patient or not. If we claim to be patience awe we able to find alternative experiences to decrease our restlessness and annoyances. We must also be able to demonstrate patience when we find ourselves confronted with a delay or change in plan.

Now there is a discrepancy about whir those who seem more quiet are more patient that others who may be loud and boisterous. But patience is often determined by those who appear to be kind, considerate, and steady in their perseverance. They also are usually even-tempered, diligent and caring in attitude and spirit!

To Be Patient or Not?

Now it is up to each of us if we would like to be identified as a patient person or not. But here are some of the qualities and characteristics of a person who may appear to be patient. But it has always been said, "Patience will take you a long way in life."
To Be or Not to Be?

1 Should you had self-composure on a daily basis?
2 Should you stove to demonstrate stability in life, or in actions?
3. Should a person have self-control or self-possession over their actions and how they respond to others?
4. Are you willing to demonstrate submissiveness to the things in life that are right?
5. Are you able to endure until the time comes?
6. Are you able to hold on during times of suffrage?
7. Are you able to bear pain, physical, mental and spiritual?
8. Are you able to still stand when tired, drained of energy and strength?
9. Are you able to cope during times of hardships?
10. Are you willing to demonstrate courage, strength of character in the midst of hard times?

Well, these are just some of the questions that we need to asks ourselves about whether it is a good thing to be patient or not? Yes? No?

Can I Have A Little Patience?

Yes, we can all have a little patience. We might ask this question as if we ask a waiter or waitress in a restaurant, can I have some ketchup? So then one wonders, do we ask for patience, or can we learn it on our own? How do we go about life and either losing or gaining patience. How and why is it that we hear so many people say, "I've got to learn to be more patient." So when we say this, what does this mean irregardless of our ages. Then are we planning on doing something differently from before? Are we willing to make a change? Or are we asking for another opportunity to do somethings that we somehow missed out on doing previously?

But can, I please have at least a little patience? If so, I can strive to gain more and more patience!

Does the Bible Help Us With Patience?

Oh yes, the Bible does. When we read the bible, it definitely teaches about patience. It begins with us believing in a being that as some people say, we have never seen. But patience tells us to live our lives righteously so that one day we will be able to personally meet Him for ourselves. That is for a lifetime of patience!

There were the children of Egypt who were kept in bondage for many years, when it was told of Pharaoh to "let my people go."

There was Sarah who waited on the Lord for many years, not being able to bear a child with her husband, Abraham. Then one day she received an angelic message that she would give birth in her older age. She and her husband had come of non-child bearing age, according to such rules. But she was given a special blessing as she was blessed to give birth to a son, Isaac. Lots of patience, but with an unknown outcome, which ended up being a blessing because of her faith and patience.

Then there was a lady who had an issue of blood, and had been sick for twelve long years. But again a belief of faith made a difference in the healing that was to be delivered to her after twelve long years. But she believed that this man called Jesus could help her.
She said, "If I could touch the hem of his garment." Her patience and faith caused her to be healed!

What Is Meant By the Patience of Job?

When we think of the name Job, which originated from one of the books in the bible, w think of patience. Right before patience, though there is another word, "persecuted."
Let's take a closer look at Job and why he is referenced as the "man of patience."
1) He is known as one of the wealthiest men of Uz.
2) He is also referenced as a man whose life was one of vicissitude.
3) His life's story brings out the very important point of whether goodness can really exist when there is nor reward or award for being good?
4) He is epitomized as a man of sublimity.
5) He is recognized as a ma of feeling and caring.
6) He is honored as a man of beautiful spirit
7) He is stated to be a man of little dispute
8) He is studied as a man of wisdom
9) He is to be remembered as a man with respect for God

Job is a man who still today teaches us the importance of losing everything materialistic, but a big difference in losing one's soul. Job refused to let anyone take his soul!

Life's Experiences That Teach Patience

There may be times in our lives when we really wonder whether we will ever learn patience. There may also be times when it doesn't seem as though patience is important as it should be.
While we may not have spent a lot of time thinking about where we stand on the continuum of patience----------------

Very Patient_________Patient______________Not So Patient Impatient

patience still can weigh in on our success or failure.

I remember my middle son would cry every time it was one o his three siblings birthdays. He thought each one's birthday should have been his. So his Godmother started bringing him a gift everytime she brought one for the birthday girl or boy. But what I noticed was that didn't matter. He still found a reason to be unhappy on their
birthdays. So when he got the gift, that wasn't enough. Then it was the cake, he didn't have a cake-- So it was time to put my foot down with him. It was time to teach him about patience unless we were going to have misery in our family everytime it was a

Can We Really Teach Patience?

Well, it was time for me to teach about patience, although at the time I wasn't sure if it was jealousy, covetousness, selfishness, lack of understanding or did he not ever leave the temper tantrum stage of a two year old?

I began by telling him that we were not longer going to tolerate him disrupting the celebration. When it was his birthday, that we were going to celebrate his with gifts and special treats also. We emphasized how everyone had to wait their turn until their birthday time came around each year. On our special day, we got to do the fun things and play the leadership role. So now when it is someone else's birthday, we have to be patient and
help him to understand that it is not his date that he was born, but that when his day comes he will have lots of fun also. The question is was this an example of patience, understanding or teaching about unselfishness, sharing and taking turns? Well in reality, patience involves all of these. So in order to teach patience, we must also learn about the other qualities as well.

The Consequences of Impatience

Now, it is a true reality that most of us can share some type of experience of the consequences of being impatient. It is not too cool to be impatient. Impatience causes us to do things that we may regret.
If we speak to some of our prison inmates, many will state that impatience played a key role in many of their actions. Now for some, there were alternative decisions that could have been made, producing a totally different outcome.

Many crimes that have been committed were due to impulsivity and the point of the moment of quick decision making. For many of us who are not currently imprisoned, we too can attest to the fact that quick decisions that were not thought through or well planned often can add misery to our lives.

There are also other experiences like trying to make "quick bucks, " if there really is such a thing. Finding ways to make extra money is one issue. But finding ways of making illegal money is another issue. But in reality, going to a job day after day, and working hard and diligently for "clean" pay make be considered an experience of needing patience. However, if one decides to quit a job or quit working, it does impact overall experiences such as social security and retirement funds. So it is an example of "patience today, brings progress tomorrow." "Impatience today, can keep one from receiving some life long benefits."

Patience Is A Virtue

When we think of patience as a virtue. It is a special quality that recognizes the fact that he/she with patience is definitely a person with special qualities and characteristics. Patience is not easily obtained and not easily learned. Being able to have patience when there is a need and time to be patient is a quality that is controlled by the individual person, respectively. Patience can happen in the walls behind all times, when there is no one around. Patience is when the person is able to maintain self-control until the proper time to act.

Patience is also a virtue when we are able to wait for those blessings that are to come our way. It is a special quality for a special person representing one of the highest levels of social, emotional and moral development!

As I Grew Spiritually, Patience Grew With Me

Now people are of various faiths all over the world. There are those who state that they are atheists and do not believe in any God or being. Then there are many religions respectively that people all over the world find to be their strengthening part of life. Then there are those of us who do not believe that we can make it in life without experiencing our relationship with our God or being. We feel that this relationship teaches us the right way of life. It teaches us to treat others the way that we want to be treated. It teaches us too love all of our sisters and brothers and to treat people with respect.

So, it is a known fact that as we grow spiritually in our relationships with God or a being, we also grow in patience. Spiritually as we become stronger in our understanding of life's expectations, qualities and characteristics, then we add patience to our personal goals and then- spirituality--------growth----------patience!


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