Pastime... or Passion?

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After these two terms are defined, it behooves the reader to answer some questions regarding his/her practice regarding their faith.

The two terms defined

The term "pastime" may be defined as a part time diversion from the normal activities and responsibilities of the day. These could be any number of hobbies, games, sports activities or things the individual does which promote calm, good or better health, general peace of mind, and a sense of well-being.
The term "passion" might be defined as an activity that can be focused on a cause, event, or otherwise that can be all-encompassing, one which might become the entire focus of the individual, sometimes to the neglect of critical or crucial life requirements .

Regarding the individual's confession of faith...

The watching world is quick to observe and draw conclusions. Is our lifestyle consistent with our confession? Would someone watching for a time, from a distance, come to the conclusion that our practice of faith is a pastime..., or a passion?
When the individual activities of our life are analyzed, what picture do they paint? What books or magazines do we read? What about our movie and television watching? Which web sites do we frequent, and what is the content we are seeing? What does our style of dress or wardrobe say about us? What is our political stance on those things most controversial in our day? Do all these things align with our proclamation of faith? Would they be honoring, and pleasing to, the deity to whom we claim allegiance?

It has even been said that a year-long analysis of our garbage would give a fairly comprehensive picture of us as an individual. What would this type of analysis reveal about us?

Our particular deity looks on

All the questions asked above reflect those things observed by the particular deity we claim as our, to whom we declare loyalty. As they look on all these things, and every other aspect of our lives, what conclusion would they come to regarding our claim to faith? PASTIME................................OR PASSION?

That is the question you must ask yourself, while doing an honest evaluation.


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author avatar LOVERME
8th Mar 2018 (#)

PASSION is abs sacred to one's personal orientation
why should anyone share one's inclination

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author avatar Glenn Addington
21st Jul 2018 (#)

While faith is a personal thing, our true practice of it should catch the eye of the watching world, and affirm the validity of our profession. If we are sufficiently convicted that what we believe is correct, and is truly defensible, we should have no problem sharing our inclination. In the New Testament book called 1st Peter, if one's faith is looked on as their 'hope', they are called on to be prepared to give a defense to anyone who should ask for the reason for that hope. This is to be done with gentleness and respect. . The statement was addressed to Christians, but might indeed be a challenge to anyone of faith.

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