Parents Negligence Towards Their Kids

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Most of the kids worldwide are being neglected today by their parents because of the busy working schedule of parents. There has to be some adjustment regarding the upbringing of kids as it is very important in this fast life of today where people are finding it tough to spare time for the important things which matter a lot. I am trying to give my inputs on parents negligence towards their kids and what needs to be done here

Loving Your Kid

Growing up stage is very important stage of life and in this crucial stage of life, parents have to take out time for their kids. Kids will not be knowing what is good and what is bad in their life and go on doing what is just in front of them and it is the parents duty to follow their kids and correct them whenever they do the mistakes. Kids have to understand the mistakes in life and also should learn the ability to correct those simple mistakes right at their young age as this will definitely put them in a strong platform for a bright future. Parents love is very much needed at the growing stage of kids as this is the age kids will start preparing for their future. Parents should love their kids by playing with them, by hearing to them and also most importantly understanding them at every mode of their teen life

Teenage Tensions

Children may not be having the same tensions as elders have, but it is not correct to say that children's will never have tensions in their young age. There will be enough tensions for younger kids but it will be of different nature and cannot be compared to the one which elders have. So it has to be the duty of parents to identify such tensions of their children and help them to get over such tensions as it will effect children very much because of their young age as they will not be in a position to come out of it on their own.. Without sparing time for kids or without talking enough to kids, it is impossible for elders to understand these troubles of their children's life. At their age, it is very difficult for children to solve their tensions, but elders will be able to solve it quite easily as they will be more mature enough to understand such tensions and solve these troubles of children's' life in a far better way. So parents do play a major role in shaping their children's future

Strong Bonding With Children

These days it is very necessary for the parents to build a strong and friendly relationship with their children. This will help the parents as well as their children to deal with many tough things in life which might be little complicated in nature. Spending time with children and sharing jokes,playing,listening to children's ongoing things in life is very important which many parents don't understand because of their busy schedule. There has to be a balance between regular work and family life. Just for the sake of money, one should not work over time forgetting their family or even giving little time to family as this will definitely have a very bad effect later on in life for sure. So, it is the duty of the parents to understand these simple things of life and adjust accordingly so that they lead a happy life without much complications

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author avatar Kingwell
21st Feb 2015 (#)

I agree all children need to bond with their parents. If a child understands from beginning that he/she is loved, it will make a world of difference. Teenagers need to be able to talk freely with their parents as the teenage years are very difficult for most kids. Blessings.

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author avatar sarosh
21st Feb 2015 (#)

Parents should take out time for their kids

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