Parents: Be a Superhero

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Why are superheroes so popular, especially among young people?
Parents, you will not be surprised at the answer.

Parents: Be a Superhero

Why are superheroes so popular, especially among young people?
Parents, you will not be surprised at the answer.

"The most important work you will ever do will be the work you do within the walls of your own home". (President Harold B. Lee)

As parents, our children look to us for guidance, direction and approval. In their eyes, we can do no wrong, we are invincible, and they believe we are able to leap tall buildings at a single bound, and in their world, we are a superhero.

Why are superheroes so popular?

The invention of superheroes was necessary and the reason they became so popular is that children needed to look up to someone because parents are simply not there.

The demand for superheroes is over whelming and as long as parents continue to put their children second, ignore and leave them behind fictitious heroes will become more popular than the parent will.

Everyone needs someone to look up to, especially children. They need someone to learn from, receive approval and feel accepted. This is why sports, dance and karate classes are so important because children are approved of, accepted and given positive reinforcement.

In many of today's families, both parents are working or there is only a single parent and children are left either on their own, put in day care or left with a sitter. Leaving children alone forces them to guide themselves, and so they look to other forms of acceptance. Often times because there is no approval the child develops low self-esteem. This is why our children join gangs, outcast groups and various other crowds because there, they are accepted.

Video games give the child a feeling of accomplishment, other player's praise them and the characters in the game become someone they can look up to, learn from and look forward to spending time with. They become their superhero.

A parent's super powers

Given to every parent is the great responsibility of raising children and guiding them in a direction that will help them grow up safely, strong and true to become a wonderful contribution to society.

In the Bible, it says in Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Part of being a superhero is having special powers. In a sense, because we have already been there and done that and remember, all too well what it was like growing up gives us the power to teach our children not to do certain things and steer them clear of any muddy waters.

We all want our children to have better than we had, and we are able to do this by showing them a better direction because we have the power of knowledge and experience.

It is up to each parent to be the superhero in a child's life and lead by a loving example and with kind patients.


It is never too late to become a superhero. You do not have to be a caped crusader, Iron man or the incredible hulk you just have to be a parent.

Guide and teach them, love and show them the way they should go and be there for them is all you will have to do to be the greatest superhero that has ever lived.

Your reward will come later in life when your children are grown up and on their own. One day they will come to you and thank you for all you did for them, all you sacrificed and for loving them. You will then hear them utter these immortal words, "you were my superhero".

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nice share :)

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very good words Scott, May God bless you in your line of work and also bless your family...

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