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Parenting from the start of life continuing on into adult hood.

When a child is born the joy begins with learning about the creation that is before you and what it will take to raise a positive child.

The experiences of a life time.

The birth of your child

The first few days will be ones that you spend checking every limb finger and toe. Yes there will come a day that those fingers and toes will be walking out the door with a life to live of their own but until that day comes it is up to the parents to raise the child and to nurture and teach the child throughout the years with love and compassion, courage and strength to know this is not an easy job but the rewards are great.
The amazing ability for the child to know that there will be someone there to care for them they have cries that will be easily distinguished and you will know it is time to either feed the child or a diaper is soiled. There also comes a time the child just needs to be comforted. These will be as a second nature to the parent in time.

Stages of growth

As a child grows the challenges become greater and the( No )becomes a regular house hold word.
The opportunity is here at this point in life that will be a rewarding one in later years as you learn that there are other ways that (NO) can be replaced by way of teaching the child about why the need to either not touch it or that it could be a potential hazard. Your days of being a teacher has just begun.
Teaching the child and giving them the information that they can understand takes some reading and practicing.

Self help

Parenting rewards in the form of a positive child are stable foundations in life. Rewarding the child is one way to instill in the child that they are good at something and have made accomplishments. Praise is the best reward.
A parent teaches their child through the tone of their voice as well as body language .
A child will feel better about them selves when the parent is positive and speaks in even tone and volume. When the child reaches a certain level they understand more and their responsibilities regarding their learning is dependent on what they have experienced from being an infant thru pre-school.
Telling the child that they have mastered the art of tying their shoes.
This is a great accomplishment and can be rewarding in that the child feels good about such a task.
Praise is wonderful no matter what.
They are becoming more capable of tending to their daily needs which makes them feel more independent and secure.

Positive reinforcement of rules.

Posting of the rules and reviewing them with the child/children gives them the boundaries they need to establish a sense of self worth. Children need rules and they need guidance .
Seeing your child sitting in his/her room after school doing their home work deserves praise they will be more apt to look for ways to seek approval when the praise is given when they least expect it.
There will come a time when they rebel the rules.
How you react and your body language will be what either they respect or is a trigger to rebel even further.

Choices and consequences

Rule breaking has consequences and rewarding negative behavior will create a bigger problem. Parents need to be firm and stick to your rules.
You can not expect a child to follow the rules of no hitting when you have hit the child. This teaches the child to hit if they do not get their way.
This destroys all the time you have spent teaching them about self control.
However the rules are rules and when you set them you as well need to follow through with them.
Be consistent!

Make time for them

Work, appointments and the like are necessary , but the time the children need to spend with the parent is just as important.
Quality time playing a game sitting talking about their day, walking in the park or just relaxing in front of the favorite program the child chooses can be ways to connect with your child.
Surprising them with A movie pass for them and their friends and a sleep over can have rewards as well. Do things with your children and for them. The little surprises are a way of giving them a reward just because.

Don't always talk. Some times just listen

Children that are nurtured and cared for have a tendency to be more about having their own time and left alone. It is important to inform the child that when and if they need to talk you are there for them.
Listen silently if they need you to .
A child will respond favorably when the parent does not impose their thoughts all the time. They need to feel they can handle situations that have caused them concern.
Just be there for them. Give them a hug and express that you love them.
When they are ready you need to give them that time. What ever you are doing if it is possible give the focus to the child 100 %.

Set an example.

Children tend to learn from what they see and hear. They will copy words you say and will learn the ways that you use to bribe or try to manipulate them. Do not lie to them. They need to know when they are not going to be allowed to have the sleep over or they are not going on the fishing trip. Rules enforcement as well as how you react will be a factor the child will carry with them into adulthood.
Teach them honesty, respect,friendliness,forgiveness,love,unselfishness,Self respect. The traits you your self have. give to your children the example how you want to be treated and they will learn the proper way to treat you as well as others.


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It is very important for a parent to consider how their actions and words will affect their children.

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Yes indeed and thank you Mark For the Star

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Engaging and beautiful article, Sandralee. Pleased to meet you!

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