Our Impotent Army

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The ineffectiveness of our government and the general disorder of our society is largely due to Christians. This article in a few words explains why.

Bewilderment And Disheartenment

I am bewildered. I am disheartened. If you are a Christian you should experience the same. What is it that should bother you? It ought to trouble all Christians that we are members of an impotent army. What army is that? It is God’s army - the church.

God’s army is largely impotent meaning not potent; lacking power or ability; powerless or helpless; utterly unable (to do something). An impotent army is unable to perform thereby becoming prey to their enemies. Because much of God’s army, the church, is impotent it is becoming absorbed by the world’s system.

Several times Christians are referred to as soldiers in the Bible. The Apostle Paul clearly characterized Christians as soldiers when he urged Timothy to “…endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” II Timothy 2:3 Paul had earlier explained to Timothy that Christians are in a war - a spiritual war. I Timothy 1:18

Christians are soldiers in the army of Jesus Christ. Unlike the armies of the world our weapons of war are spiritual for the saving of souls rather than the killing of bodies. Paul itemizes our weaponry in Ephesians 6:13-18. As earthly warriors are loyal to their military leaders Christians are to be loyal to Jesus Christ and His kingdom.

I am bewildered at the reluctance of Christians to boldly speak out for Christ and righteousness. The Apostle Paul urged Christians to stand fast in the faith in II Thessalonians 2:15 I am disheartened at the resolve of so many Christians to be conformed to and integrated into the world’s system. They are no longer acting as soldiers for Christ but subjects of Satan.

God’s army is impotent because so many of His soldiers are silent. Christians fail badly at speaking up for the faith to the lost. Consequently the death inducing words of the lost drown out the life-giving Word of God. God’s army is impotent due to numerous secretive Christians - Christians whom unbelievers would never suspect as such. Thus, in addition to not hearing the faith the lost are not seeing true faith in action.

I am disheartened because the plight of Christianity (apostasy if you will) is worsening. Increasingly Christianity is becoming a non-force in the world due to silent and secretive Christians. Jesus spoke doubtfully of future Christianity when He asked the question, “…when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth? Luke 18:8 Jesus knew of the weak faith that Christians would display in the last days.

Are you bewildered and disheartened as myself with the ineffectiveness of Christianity today? If so then I beseech you to join our Valued Voters mission. Utilize this opportunity to boldly speak out against our corrupt political system. I deeply feel that Christians must bear much of the blame for America’s waywardness. Why? Because they have right along voted for politicians who are unfit to lead a country as God demands. Romans 13:3-4

Please view our Valued Voters website and join us today.

Thank you for reading and may GOD BLESS YOU


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