Our Daily Prayer Life

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I think that daily prayer is a key component in our witnessing, in our worship and in our daily devotion at home. It is necessary in the life of every Christian.

Our Daily Prayer Life

What are we to pray for and why should we pray daily in life. After all God knows what we need and what we want and what He is going to do for us anyway.
The old three-pointer from Philippians 4:6 is a good one: Worry about nothing, Pray about everything, Thank God for anything. That last segment–thanking God for anything–means once we pray for the minister, we should believe that God heard us and that what the man is preaching is what God has sent.
Even if you don’t like it. Even if it offends you. Even if your mind wants to tell you the man is resisting the Lord and that nothing about that sermon is in answer to your prayer. Give thanks to the Lord for that message. Believe that God is at work. After all, He does not finish His reconstruction of a man’s preaching in one fell swoop. It takes time.

Jesus encouraged Prayer for all of His Disciples and His Church. Prayer is the sincere earnest desire of the soul. I do believe that Prayer is the key to Heaven and faith unlocks the door

I think that John Gill’s Exposition of the Bible LukeLuke 18Luke 18:1 is excellent. Here are his thoughts on it.

Luke 18:1

And he spoke a parable unto them

To his own disciples, as the Ethiopic version reads, in order to encourage them to prayer, with perseverance in it; since such sore times of trial and affliction were coming upon the Jews, of which he had spoken in the preceding chapter; and such times more especially call for prayer; see ( Psalms 50:15 )

, that men ought always to pray.

This is opposed to them, who pray not at all, or have left off prayer before God, or who pray only in distress; and suggests, that a man should pray as often as he has an opportunity; should be constant and assiduous at the throne of grace, and continue putting up his requests to God, though he does not presently return an answer:

and not to faint;

by reason of afflictions, temptations, desertions, and delays in answering prayer; and prayer itself is an admirable antidote against fainting under afflictive providences: it is with the Jews an affirmative precept that a man should pray, (Mwy lkb) , “every day” F11; it was usual with them to pray three times a day; see ( Psalms 55:17 ) ( Daniel 6:10 ) there is no set time fixed by Christ; men should be always praying. This is not to be understood, that a man should be always actually engaged in the work of prayer; that he should be continually either in his closet, in private devotion to God, or attending exercises of more public prayer, with the saints; for there are other religious exercises to be performed, besides prayer; and besides, there are many civil affairs of life, it is every man’s indispensable duty to regard: nor does our Lord mean in the least to break in upon, or interrupt the natural and civil duties of life; but his meaning is, that a man should persevere in prayer, and not leave off, or be dejected, because he has not an immediate answer; and this is clear from the following case.

I think also prayer is a key component in our witnessing, in our worship and in our daily devotion at home. If the people who are called by His name would humble themselves and pray, and seek God’s face, and turn from their wicked ways, God said that He would hear from Heaven, and forgive their sin and will heal the land.
(see 2 Chronicles 7:14).
I truly believe that this is one of our greatest problems that is prevailing in the American Society today. There is so much expressed hatred among people outside the church as well as within the ranks of the church. Love is being trampled upon by many of the church leaders against ethnic groups, against foriegners, and against other groups whom they oppose. Prayer indeed is much needed in this land now and forever.


Pray For America, Pray For Guidance, Pray To God, Prayer And Faith

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author avatar Clarence Schreiber
26th Apr 2012 (#)

Thank you for writing about prayer. We all should pray more often then we should. I admit that there was times that I should of been praying but didn't. This is a great reinforcement that we all should pray.

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author avatar Ms. Ann
26th Apr 2012 (#)

I appreciate this reminder. Thank you!

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author avatar johnbee
27th Apr 2012 (#)

Thank you both for your comments. Prayer is key to overcoming the problems that exist today.

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