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Orientation for the Medical Assistant Classes and Learning what my Speech Course actually consists of... Public Speaking... Ughh... Not my favorite thing to do.

Orientation and Speech Class... UGHH... Public Speaking?

Today was my orientation for the medical assisting college course that I am taking, in the hopes that I can make a better life for me and my children. I had already picked out my class schedule the week before, little did I know that the speech class wasn't just regular speech, this is public speaking, learning how to effectively communicate with the public.

This should be really interesting as I myself don't like to speak much about anything and have a hard time talking 1 on 1, let alone speaking in front of a group of people.

I ask myself why do I need to take this course?

Besides it is a required course that I have no choice but to take, I have come to this conclusion:

I guess that I do really need to learn how to effectively communicate with people about there medical needs, treatment, and if death occurs. Because I know that I would be the type of person who would say hey this is what is wrong, this is your options, either you do this or you destroy your health more and possibly even die.

Yeah that isn't very effective is it?

All it would do is scare the living crap out of people, but that is how I communicate with my friends and family, but they know that I mean the best for them, and I will lay it down just like that to get the message through to them. It seems to work for the most part with my friends and family.

But with the general public, I know that wouldn't be to effective. So I have to learn how to communicate in a more professional manner. There is some programs that help teach this skill, that has video presentations that I can share with my peers.

This is an adventure that I do not look forward to, but I just got to boost my confidence and learn that people probably won't be laughing on the inside at me, and if they are then I will just have to ignore it and do what I have to do.


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Mother of 4 and currently a college student working on my associate degree in applied science in medical assisting. Most of my writing will focus on love and poetry.

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author avatar Peter B. Giblett
5th Oct 2016 (#)

One recommendation I have for all students is that they should join Toastmasters. From it you will enhance your learning in the classroom by adding the knowledge of public speaking. Check out your local club (it may even be at your school)

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author avatar AshleyMobleyAuthor
26th Jan 2017 (#)

Very good advice. As a student myself, I will be looking into this as well.

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
7th Oct 2016 (#)

Is there a reason why you have a face of cruelty and look so angered in your picture??? Damn, I rather not be rude but politely recommend you change your picture to get people inspired.

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author avatar Enoch Davies
26th Dec 2016 (#)

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author avatar AshleyMobleyAuthor
26th Jan 2017 (#)

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