On world day for older people

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Today is World Day for older people. Yet, many children don't know what a granny or a granddad is like. Read more...

On world day for older people

So, today is grandparents world day, is it? I wonder how many children have a bond with their grandparents nowadays.
I don't think that many of them know what a real granddad or a granny is like and how many good things they can learn from them, because either they died when they were very small or because they are locked up in nursing homes as it is today's trend to put them in homes and so there'll be more space in the house.
However, these adults that were lucky to know their grandparents to grow a bond with them learned many things from them.
A first thing that a granny or a granddad taught them was respect to other people and good manners.
Many of these fortunate adults learned to swim or to cycle with them. Grandparents were caring with them, but at the same time they taught them discipline in every day living.
These adults that had a good relationship with their grandparents had excellent meals, because a granny shopped for fresh produce and she cooked savoury and nutritious meals. If they wanted a cake, granny made one for them.
A grandparent told them interesting stories and they went out together to stroll or to visit a museum...
They taught them all of these things and many more that those who weren't lucky to know theirs haven't got a clue nowadays.
It's said that grandparents spoil their grandchildren, granting them all what they want, but a grandparent knows when to say ''No, you are not!''
I only knew one of my grannies, but I was way too small and the poor old lady had passed through disgraced times to enjoy her grandchildren.
Grandparents are better listeners than parents and they'll always have wise words for their grandchildren.
I wish I'd have been able to create a bond with my grannies for all the good things they're able to teach that will last a lifetime.

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